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Domestic Sewage Treatment for Northern Ireland

Domestic sewage treatment.

Sewage Treatment for Homeowners

The Tricel Vitae is a European Certified treatment system for domestic dwellings in Northern Ireland.

Tricel Vitae uses the latest technology for the treatment of domestic wastewater. It’s highly efficient Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) treats wastewater to a BOD level of 98.1% and conforms to the 10/15 discharge standard.

The effluent in the Vitae is treated in stages. This reduces the overall power consumption. The air compressor runs for a total of only four hours per day.

domestic sewage treatment

The Solido capsule

An innovative feature of the Vitae is the ‘Solido capsule’. The air compressor is built into the neck of the tank. This means there is no requirement for external housing and the sound proofing results in virtually no sound to the human ear.

Advantages of a Tricel Vitae

      • Intelligent and Eco-friendly wastewater treatment system
      • EN12566-3 tested
      • Efficiency results of 98.1%
      • Suitable to direct discharge with a permit
      • Low energy consumption
      • Low noise pollution
      • Easy to install and maintain

The Tricel Vitae is available in sizes Vitae 6, Vitae 9 and Vitae 12.

If you require alternative sizes our sales team would be happy to process any inquiries you may have. Contact us today.

Stage 2: the aeration chamber

The next stage of the wastewater treatment involves aerobic breakdown. This takes place in the aeration chamber, where masses of naturally occurring bacteria inhabit specially designed filter media. These bacteria are sustained with air, which is continuously supplied from a purpose-built pump in the unit’s top section. As the liquid flows slowly through the filter media, the bacteria feed on the waste and remove it from the liquid.

Stage 3: final settlement chamber

In the last stage of wastewater treatment, the liquid flows from the aeration chamber into the final settlement chamber. Suspended sludge consisting of bacteria is carried with the liquid into the settlement chamber and settles to the bottom of the chamber. From there, a continuous sludge return system pumps it back to the primary settlement chamber. The remaining treated liquid now meets the required standard to be safely passed out of the Tricel system.


If we didn’t answer all your questionss and you need more information we will help you


If we didn’t answer all your questionss and you need more information we will help you

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If we didn’t answer all your questions and you need more information we will help you