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Fibreglass Van Lining Kit

Create a Robust and Durable Van Interior with Fibreglass

Van Interior Protection

THE Tricel Fibreglass Van Lining Kit will give the interior of a plywood lined van a tough and durable surface. When the van has been lined with fibreglass kit it will be easy to clean and maintain. It will also be waterproof and resistant to chemicals.

The Tricel Van Lining Kit provides an extremely cost effective way to maintain and waterproof small and medium sized vans.

Van Lining Kits are available for delivery throughout Ireland from the Tricel distribution depot in Newry, Co.Down.

Fibreglass Van Lining Kit

Fibreglass Van Lining Kit Materials

The Tricel Van Lining Kit system includes 1 layer of 450g fibreglass mat, polyester resin and a layer of ISO Topcoat.

There is a choice of Topcoat finishing colours to pick from including Bright Blue, White or Dove Grey.

Once the Topcoat is cured, a tough, impermeable coating will form. This coating is suitable for steam or pressure washing.

Once lined with Fibreglass, the lined vans can be used for transporting a wide variety of materials including foodstuffs, veterinary supplies, chemicals and asbestos waste.

The Fibreglass Van Lining Kit will work equally as well on an insulated or non insulated van.

Buy Fibreglass Van Lining Kits Online

Visit our online shop, FibreGlassDirect, to have your Fibreglass Van Lining Kits delivered straight to your door.