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Fibreglass Roofing Trims

GRP Trims for Flat Roofing

Fibreglass Roofing Trims

Tricel supplies a wide range of Fibreglass Roofing Trims for flat roofing projects.
Fibreglass Roofing Trims are an essential part of any GRP Roof as they aid drainage and provide a decorative and neat finish to the roof.

The type of trims needed for each roof vary and is dependant on size, shape and drainage required.
Trims available from Tricel vary in length from 1.5 metre to 3 metre lengths.

Fibreglass Roofing Trims Available

Drip Roofing Trims

They are used at the lowest point of the roof and fitted to the edge of the roof which allows drainage into the gutter.

Raised Edge Trims

Raised Edge Roofing Trims or ‘B’ Roofing Trims are used to keep water on the roof whilst directing it to the lowest point. This can be an outlet or a drip.

Wall Fillets

The wall fillet GRP Roofing Trims are used where the fibreglass flat roof butts again an existing wall to create a 45-degree angle which will redirect rainwater from the wall to the roof.

Internal and External Trims

The AT195 Internal trim is used wherever the laminate needs to cover an area which continues perpendicular to another laminated surface. The AT195 External Trim is supplied with a high-adhesion finish on its outer fascia and is mainly used for capping applications.

Flat Flashings

The F trim is a flat flashing, mainly used at the intersection of a pitched roof and flat roofs often found on dormers.

Soffit Trims

This over-sized soffit trim, the S500 Trim, is used to encapsulate the edge profile of a concrete or similar construction deck.

Corner Trims

Corner GRP Roofing Trims will provide strength and reinforcement to corner segments of your fibreglass roof.

Simulated Lead Flashing

Simulated Lead Flashing GRP Trims will give the appearance of lead.

Expansion Joints

Expansion GRP Joints are used on larger areas to create an expansion joint. It can also be used to create a ridge detail on the roof if required.

Rolled Rib Closures

Rolled Rib Closure Roofing Trims are designed to simulate the appearance of a raised rolled lead seam. It can also be used as an expansion trim on large roofs.

Buy Fibreglass Roofing Trims Online

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