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Fibreglass Roofing Resin

Polyester Resin Formulated for Fibreglass Flat Roofing

Quality Fibreglass Roofing Resin

Quality Roofing Resin is essential to any fibreglass flat roof build or repair.

Tricel recommend two types of Polyester resin for flat roofing – Flexible and Lloyds Approved.

Each resin is suitable for use with Chopped Strand Matting and must be mixed with 2% catalyst before application. Catalyst is provided with standard sizes of each resin.

Tricel Fibreglass Roofing Resin is available to collect from our premises in Newry, Co.Down or can be ordered online for delivery throughout Ireland.

Fibreglass Roofing Resin

Fibreglass Roofing Resin Options

Tricel recommend two types of Fibreglass Roofing Resin direct from its distribution depot in Newry, Co. Down.

  • Flexible Roofing Resin
  • Lloyd’s Approved Resin

Flexible Roofing Resin

Flexible Roofing Resin is a low viscosity, low styrene emission polyester resin that contains extra flexible properties which aids with the natural settlement of the roof and also supports traffic from people walking on the roof. The flexible additives will also aid the fibreglass roof to withstand thermal contractions and expansions caused by the weather.

This product can be purchased through FibreGlassDirect.

Lloyds Approved Resin

Lloyds Approved Resin is a low viscosity, low styrene emission resin not only suitable for Flat Roofing but across a wide variety of applications. This resin is also extremely popular for hand lay-up fibreglass projects such as water storage tanks or boat building. This resin has undergone stringent testing to be approved by the Lloyds Register.

This product can also be bought through FibreGlassDirect.

Further Information

Tricel offer a large range of Fibreglass Roofing Materials in addition to its Fibreglass Roofing Resin. Tricel supply a range of Roofing Kits up to 100 square metres, Topcoat, Roofing Trims and a range of complementary Tools and Ancillaries.

Buy Fibreglass Roofing Resin Online

Visit our online shop, FibreGlassDirect, to have your Fibreglass Roofing Resin delivered straight to your door.