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Fibreglass Roofing Topcoat

Impermeable, Pigmented Finishing Layer for Fibreglass Flat Roofs

Fibreglass Roofing Topcoat

Fibreglass Roofing Topcoat is the final layer of any fibreglass flat roof build or repair.

Once cured, the Roofing Topcoat will be dried to a tack-free finish which is fully weatherproof and impermeable to water.

Roofing Topcoat should be mixed with 2% catalyst (depending on temperature) and applied within 24 hours of the lamination stage.

Tricel offers two types of Roofing Topcoats for flat roofing; Fire-retardant and Standard.

Fibreglass Roofing Topcoat

Roofing Topcoat Options

Fire Retardant Topcoat

The most popular Roofing Topcoat in the Tricel range is the Fire-Retardant version.

This Topcoat has a fire rating of EXT.F.AB according to BS476 part 3.

Available in a dark admiralty grey finish from 4 – 20kg. This product is also provided as standard in the Professional Fibreglass Roofing Kits.

This product is available to purchase through our online shop FibreGlassDirect.

Standard Roofing Topcoat

The Tricel Contractors, Standard Roofing Topcoat is available in a light or dark grey finish. This Topcoat is non fire-retardant and is recommended for non-domestic applications.

The Standard Roofing Topcoat is also available to purchase through FibreGlassDirect in sizes 4-20kg. It is also supplied as part of the Low-Cost Fibreglass Roofing Kits.

This Topcoat is available to order direct from FibreGlassDirect, buy online today.

Buy Fibreglass Roofing Topcoat Online

Visit our online shop, FibreGlassDirect, to have your Roofing Topcoat delivered straight to your door.