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Guidelines for Tender Specification

The cold water tank shall be sectional, constructed from panels which are either 1.22m (4 ft.) square or 1m (3.28 ft.) square using half and quarter panels where necessary.

Panels shall be hot pressed from specially formulated potable water grade of Glass Reinforced Plastic (G.R.P.)

All corner angles, gussets, divider carriers and roof supports shall be from the same material.

All underwater bolts, tie bars, joiners etc., shall be stainless steel grade 316 S16, external bolts shall be mild steel to BS 3692 and Galvanised to BS 729.

The lid shall be heavy duty, formed from panels as per base design, have vertical supports at each panel intersection, these supports to be fixed to both lid and base panels with stainless steel straps grade 316 S16, have a secure lockable hinged access hatch of min 610mm square.

All vents, warning pipes, overflows, shall have mesh screens of maximum 0.65mm x 0.65mm holes to protect contents.

The tank shall be insulated on the sides and lid. The insulation material shall be of rigid closed-cell polyurethane foam, have a protective GRP skin securely fixed and sealed to the tank panel surface using a gasket type seal.

All pipe cut outs shall have bezels of the same material securely fitted and sealed to both the outer skin and panel face. All insulation to be to Tricel (Killarney) Format 30 finish or approved equal. 

Where the tank depth is greater than 1.5m (or the top of the tank is more than 1.5 m from the ground) Internal and External ladders shall be fitted, these ladders shall be GRP or stainless steel. The ladders shall have safety cages and conform to BS4211 1994.

 A divider shall be fitted to facilitate maintenance and repairs.

The contractor shall ensure that the base supports conform to the tank manufacturer’s recommendations.

Tanks to be commissioned and maintained in accordance with BS 6700.

The plumber should not leave the tank unattended during commissioning (first filling with water).

The Tank shall be manufactured to Format 30 specification by Tricel ( Killarney) (Ph.064-6632421) or approved equal.