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One Piece Water Tanks

Water Storage Tank

One Piece GRP Water Tanks

Tricel is a manufacturer and supplier of water storage tanks since 1973. Offering a comprehensive array of one piece water storage tanks which are manufactured at the Killarney factory in Ireland, both for potable and non-potable water. Once piece water storage tanks are a cost effective speedy solution for the storage of water.

Tricel tanks vary in size ranging from 45 to 4546 litres.

Advantages & benefits of one piece tanks

Available from a standard range of one piece tanks or made to order one piece insulated tank for potable use.

  • All one-piece tanks comply with all relevant British Standards and Water Regulations
  • Tanks are supplied in an ivory colour as standard
  • Virtually Zero maintenance
  • Full range of connections/ancillary items available
  • All supplied within the scope of our BS EN ISO 9002 1994 Quality Assurance Registration


If we didn’t answer all your questions and you need more information we will help you


If we didn’t answer all your questions and you need more information we will help you

Bespoke One Piece Water Storage Tanks

Not all tank installs are clear cut. In particular, where tanks are required for existing plant rooms or an old galvanised water tank needs replacement, our standard range of one piece water tanks, may not fit due to space or access restrictions. We can provide our clients with an alternative bespoke manufactured water tank. We will work closely with you to design a customized water tank based on your specific, site and water capacity needs.  Like our standard one piece tank range, we can manufacture them, insulated to Format 30 for potable water and un-insulated for grey water applications. Similar to bespoke water tanks, we can design and manufacture replacement GRP water tank lids and condensation trays.    

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Types of water storage tanks Potable vs Non-Potable water storage solutions

Local authorities, consultants, engineers and contractors all specify and use our fibreglass insulated F30 tanks, protected in the knowledge that Tricel tanks are fully certified for the use of potable water, both companies and their clients are in safe hands, purchasing tanks from Tricel ensure you are meeting your health and safety obligations.

In order to fulfil health and safety directives, which states water, that is to be or may be consumed by humans, must be held in Insulated tanks, and that all potable water tanks must meet the following criteria.

Potable water tanks must adhere to:

  • Factory insulated with CFC Free Foam on all sides
  • manufactured from Fibreglass
  • Lids must be sealed and insulated
  • Potable tanks must have screened inlet and overflows
  • Tanks to be insulated to reduce the risk of freezing in winter and assist in keeping the water temperature low in summer time
  • Have suitable fibreglass condensation trays, plumbed to an overflow

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If we didn’t answer all your questions and you need more information we will help you

Manufacturing water tanks since 1973, made from Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP). This top quality material offers outstanding capabilities including long life, durability and is cost effective solution for water storage even in the harshest environment for both potable and non-potable applications.

Tricel manufacture, supply, deliver & install water tanks, import/export service is also on hand for our international clients.



Sectional tanks

Standard range: 1,000 litres to 4,651,290 litres, custom moulded/bespoke tanks available.
Base Leveling Steels Available Now!



One piece tanks

Standard range: 45 litres to 4,546 litres, custom moulded/bespoke tanks available.



Sprinkler tanks

Fire Protection Sprinkler tanks - standard capacity ranges from 5m3 to 1300m3.