Water and wastewater solutions

Water Industries Experience and Expertise Across the Board

For water collection and disposal we offer a variety of wastewater pumping stations pumping stations. In the treatment plant, you can rely on Grundfos pumps, mixers, and flow makers to keep the process running smoothly.

A dedicated Mission

Around the world, millions of Grundfos pumps are on a dedicated mission. To optimize processes, to boost performances, and to improve life in general. Grundfos is committed to making a positive contribution to the world that surrounds us. Innovation goes hand in hand with responsibility – and we take pride in constantly pushing the boundaries in pump technology to offer increasingly energy-efficient and sustainable solutions

Water Supply Solutions

The fluctuation in water levels essentially alters the specifications for a pumping system because these variations change the head. A single speed pump dimensioned to lift from the lowest water level will burn energy dollars when the level is high. A variable speed pump is able to adjust its speed to compensate for changes in water level for the benefit of overall demand. With Grundfos’ assistance, you receive a system that will balance intake with changing water levels and demands to ensure against dry-running, cavitation, and motor failure. 


Grundfos offers total pumping solutions on any scale, from submersibles to dry-pit pumps.


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Supply Full Range

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We supply world leading pump brands


Gain complete control of your system


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With our skilled team of specialists

At Tricel Pumps our skilled team of specialist engineers are ready to specify, supply, install, service and maintain pumps and their control systems to suit your needs.

We supply world leading pump brands, including Grundfos for whom we are proud to be a Premier Authorised Distributor

Customer Technical Support

30 years of Operation

Through our 30 years of operation, we have accumulated a wealth of product knowledge and application experience that we use to support our customers

If you are looking for a standard pump,  a pre-packaged pump system, or by designing and manufacturing to your specific needs, Tricel Pumps work together with some of the industry’s most respected pump manufacturers, and offer total pumping solutions.

We also offer a comprehensive range of spares, parts, kits, and services to complement our vast range of products.

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