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Sectional GRP Water Storage Tanks

Industrial Water Storage Tanks

Sectional Water Storage Tanks

Tricel have a leading GRP manufacturing facility in Ireland, we are one of the few companies who have 60 years’ industry experience in manufacturing and supplying water tanks all over the world.

GRP is an excellent example of a relatively modern composite material. In industry it is referred to as Glass reinforced plastic. We are one of the few companies who possess the technical expertise and the advanced manufacturing facilities – not only to produce our tanks by hot compression moulding but also to produce in-house, the most important single element without which the term hot press moulding means nothing.


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Panel types and sizes:

Tank panels are available in metric sizes. There are no restrictions to the length or width available. Metric tanks are available to a height of 4m.

Tank lengths, widths and heights are available in half panel increments i.e. 6.65m x 4.65m x 2.5m (h)

Types of Sectional Tanks:

Externally Flanged Base Tanks 

Designed for sitting on elevated supports to allow access for joints and connections below the tank.

Internally Flanged Base Tanks

These tanks are designed and manufactured for standing on a flat foundation or leveled steel beams as per our foundation requirements. Appropriate for site projects where height or headroom is restricted.

Internally Flanged (I.F) Tanks

Manufactured & designed for your exact site requirements. Joint flanges and fasteners are internal, this tank is designed to require less room as the tank connections are placed inside the tank leaving additional tank room available.

True Totally Internally Flanged Tanks(True T.I.F)

This tank design enables the tank to be positioned and assembled against 3 walls or in restricted areas where space is not available on the external perimeter of the tank

Key Benefits 

• ISO 9001 accredited
• 60 years’ service to the construction industry
• Backup of trained and experienced technical staff
• Site assembly by fully trained personnel
• Suitable for the storage of potable water
• Available insulated to Format 30 (F30)
• Design and supply of steel towers for elevated sites
• Internally or externally flanged base available
• Light or heavy covers available


Guidelines for Tender Specification

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Manufacturing water tanks since 1973, made from Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP). This top quality material offers outstanding capabilities including long life, durability and is cost effective solution for water storage even in the harshest environment for both potable and non-potable applications.

Tricel manufacture, supply, deliver & install water tanks, import/export service is also on hand for our international clients.

Sectional tanks

Standard range: 1,000 litres 4,651,290 litres, custom moulded/bespoke tanks available.

One piece tanks

Standard range: 45 litres to 4,546 litres, custom moulded/bespoke tanks available.

Sprinkler tanks

Fire Protection Sprinkler tanks - standard capacity ranges from 5m3 to 1300m3.