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Trench Covers

Improves stability and reduces movement.
Surefoot conforms and exceeds the National Grid Board Specification T/SP/E42

  • Department for Transport (Safety at street works and road works, October 2013).
  • Department for Transport (Practical guide for street works, June 2006).
  • DETR (Best practice in street works and highway works, 2001)

Highest rated anti-slip cover on the market, even when wet.
Full colour corporate branding also available.


Available in three sizes:
– 1080x1080mm
– 1220x800mm
– 1600x1220mm
Constructed from SMC.
Comes in standard yellow, further colours available dependent on minimum order quantity.


Electric shock safe.
Reduced trip hazard.
Improved stability & reduced movement.
Impact resistant edges.
Tough, lightweight & durable.

Product Brochure

Download the Surefoot Brochure for further technical information

Load rating

The Surefoot trench covers are designed to cover excavations up to the following loadings in the case of a trench:

  • 1220 x 800 = Load rating: 3.5 tonne vehicle loading over a 700mm trench
  • 1080 x 1080 = Load rating: 3.5 tonne vehicle loading over a 500mm trench
  • 1600 x 1220 = Load rating: 3.5 tonne vehicle loading over a 900mm trench

Quality & Certification

Tricel manufacture to the highest industry standards.View our certifications for more information.

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