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Wastewater treatment report for planning applications in Ireland

Free toolkit for professionals to generate wastewater treatment report for planning applications


Quick & easy – accessible 24/7 – complete reports – full history

TricelSiteAssessor.ie has been designed with and for industry professionals such as site assessors, engineers and architects. This tool was created to reduce the time required to produce wastewater treatment reports for planning applications as well as to ensure that the bespoke reports are complete and ready to be included in the clients’ planning applications.

The requirements

The wastewater treatment reports created using TricelSiteAssessor.ie are personalized to your clients and their site specifications. The only information required to generate the report is the population equivalent (PE) and percolation test (P/T) values.

The calculators

Two calculators are used to produce the wastewater treatment report for planning applications

  • A calculator to identify the correct pump for each application
  • And a P/E calculator for commercial applications

How to create wastewater treatment report for planning application using TricelSiteAssessor.ie

Once you have registered with TricelSiteAssessor, you are two steps away from generating your wastewater site recommendation report.

Please note to validate your registration you must click on the link in the email you will receive from Tricel.

Step 1. Select the type of report you would like to generate

Step 2. Enter site report details

That’s all. The wastewater site recommendation report has been generated and emailed directly to your inbox.

For convenience and security, a personalised database of all completed reports is also accessible on the website.


What is included in the wastewater treatment report for planning applications

TricelSiteAssessor.ie has been designed to save you time by incorporating directly into the reports the following:

  • Manufacturer’s report
  • Plant certification
  • AutoCAD drawings

Moreover, all available resources on the website are in compliance with EPA code of practice.


What reports can be generated

Seven wastewater site recommendation reports can be selected and generated. They are as follows:

  1. Septic Tank and Percolation Area
  2. Package plant and gravity soil polishing filter (Percolation Area)
  3. Package plant and pumped soil polishing filter (pressurised system)
  4. Package plant and Sand polishing filter (Sandcel)
  5. Tricel Vento septic tank with Puraflo modules & percolation area
  6. Tricel Novo with Puraflo tertiary treatment
  7. Tricel Septic Tank with Tricel Puraflo & Soil Polishing Filter

Please note that Tricel is always developing and improving its products and services, new reports will be added in the future.

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