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Sectional GRP Tank & Components Guide

Tricel have created a new educational tool for upskilling and training teams on GRP sectional water tank solutions and their components. Take the time to submerge yourself into this Augment reality and improve your product knowledge today!

The sectional 3D tank, panels and ancillary items are labeled and displayed by number for faster learning and easy navigation around the tank. We hope the learning tool will provide a greater insight into the different components that make up a fully plumbed GRP sectional tank. Discover even more features in the green toolbar to the right of the screen, or watch our interactive AR video below for more information!

Sectional tank Components

An Overview of the Sectional Tank Components

What is an Inlet Connection?

Inlet Connection

This is where water enters the tank.

There can be various types I.e. Equilibrium Float Valve, Keraflo Float Valve, Tank Connection Only (with water flow controlled by level switches, or other control units such as TankTronic modules)


What is an Outlet Connection?

Outlet Connection: This is where the water exits the tank.

What is an Overflow and Warning Pipe?

Overflow Connection

The actual internal diameter of the pipe(s) installed should be capable of taking any possible flow in the pipe arising from any failure of the inlet valve.

Recommended that the overflow is 2x the inlet pipe diameter.

See Water Regulations 1999 sections 7.8 to 7.11 for further guidance.


Warning Pipe

The purpose of the warning pipe is merely to alert people to a fault and to an impending overflow.

Required on tanks with an actual capacity of 1000 litres or greater.

See Water Regulations 1999 sections 7.8 to 7.11 for further guidance.

What is a Lid Support?

Lid Support

A Lid support is designed to support lids on tanks that span over 1m in width and length.

What is a Inlet valve housing?

Raised Inlet Valve Housing

Enables the inlet connection for the tank to be fitted at a higher level.

This could be due to the requirement for increased actual capacity, or ease of installing certain air gap requirements such as an AB air gap type.


When is an External Ladder required?

External Ladder

Recommended where the height of the tank is greater than 1.5m. 

What is a Guardrail used for?


Edge protection is designed to be fixed to the top of the tank to prevent the fall of any person who has to climb on top for maintenance purposes.

This has to be risk assessed by the site/designer/end user as a requirement if deemed necessary.

What is an Access Manway?

Access Manway

Standard Hinged or “lift off” options this will depend on the configuration of the tank. 

When is an internal ladder used?

Internal Ladder

Recommended where the height of the tank is 1.5m or greater. Recommended for ease of access during maintenance/inspection.

What is an Internal Tie Rods?

Internal Tie Rods

S/S 316 Grade A4 internal ties brace the tank from outward water pressure.

On tanks, 1.5m high and greater, with a footprint of 1.5×1.0m and greater.

What is a Stayplate?


External bracing support for internal tie bars.

Required on certain tanks of 2.5m high and greater.

What is a Drain Connection?

​Drain Connection

A dedicated connection for draining contents of tank during maintenance/inspection.

What is a Temperature Dial or Sensor?

Temperature Dial or Sensor

Available as either a visual dial readout or sensor to report back to BMS system.

What is a Level Switch?

Level Switch

High and/or Low. An electromechanical device that opens or closes a digital switch when the fluid in a given area reaches a certain level.

Commonly used to protect/control pump sets when low level is reached, or as an alarm warning when a high level is reached.

What is a 1x1m GRP Tank Panel?

1x1m GRP Tank Panel

Hot Press Moulded 1m x 1m truncated tank panel, insulated as standard. Can be provided as an uninsulated option.

Where connections are being fitted to a tank that particular panel will be changed to a flat panel to accommodate.


What is a 1x0.5m GRP Tank Panel?

1×0.5m GRP Tank Panel

Hot Press Moulded 1m x 0.5m tank panel, insulated as standard.  Can also be provided as an uninsulated option.

What is a 0.5x0.5m GRP Tank Panel?

0.5×0.5m GRP Tank Panel

Hot Press Moulded 0.5m x 0.5m tank panel, insulated as standard, but can be provided as an uninsulated option.

What is a Primary Support?

Primary Supports

For Externally Flanged Base tank, normally set @ 1000mm centres @ 600mm high.

What is a Secondary Support?

Secondary Support

Steel used to cross Primary Supports where Externally Flanged Base tank is required to be supported @ 500mm centres, normally on Externally Flanged Base tanks of 2.5m high and greater.

Or where footprint configuration of the tank may cause access issues I.e. if there were a 0.5m increment on length/width two primary supports may end up too close together for safe access underneath.

What is an Internal Maintenance Division?

Internal Maintenance Division

Construction of one or more panels within a tank which divides the tank into two separate compartments.
Note: In any situation where there is only one water storage tank in a building, it is to be recommend that a weir or a division plate be used. This will facilitate maintenance of the tank without affecting the water supply to the building.

What is an AB Air Gap Spill Slot?

AB Air Gap Spill Slot

Cat 5 Tanks, also known as Type AB Airgap Break Tanks (Category 5 Backflow Prevention)

Category 5 risks are fluids that pose a serious health risk due to the concentration of pathogenic organisms or extremely toxic or radioactive elements present with them including any fluid which contains; faecal material or other human waste: butchery or other animal waste: or pathogens from any other source.

Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 in England and Wales and Scottish Water Byelaws state the installation of cold water storage tanks, connected to the public water supply must comply with the UK water fitting regulations. In order to meet these requirements, Category 5 Break Tanks must be used.


What is a Vent?


Opening to the atmosphere to allow for the movement of air resulting from changes in the water level so that the water always remains at atmospheric pressure.

What is a Sparge Pipe?

Sparge Pipe

A device used to achieve optimum circulation of water stored within a tank or cistern.

Its application is generally reserved for installations where space around a tank is restricted. Reasonable access to the tank side directly opposite the Mains Inlet is not available.

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