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Fitting ladders to sectional tanks


Fitting ladders to sectional tanks provide the operator with stable and safe access to the water tank to carry out inspection, maintenance and adjustment of tank controls. Having a fixed access system in place prevents the use of other non – permitted methods for access, aids in the prevention of falls or other workplace accidents and complies with working at heights regulations. The provision of fitted external and internal ladders promotes quick access to the tank, where a responsive action is required.

Sectional tank ladders based on height:

We recommend, where tank height is 1m or greater, internal and external ladders should be specified. If the tank is on a raised platform then ladders may be required on tanks of a lower height. When deciding to fit an internal ladder, consideration should be given to factors preventing retrofitting ladders after tank is built. In particular, where height restrictions apply, it will not be possible to retrofit an internal ladder by the most economical means, i.e. through access manway.

Where the tank is 2m or more from the top of the tank to the finished floor level external ladders should be fitted with safety cages and comply to BS 4211:2005+A1:2008. In sites/locations that are deemed high risk, additional safety guards may be fitted to the external ladder to provide further protection.

Ladders can be retrofitted to existing tanks on most site. Our sales advisors are available to provide guidance in retrofitting ladders.

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In compliance with working at height regulations a guardrail (also referred to guiderail) should be fitted enclosing all access points to the tank roof, where a fall height is 2m or more.  Guardrails must be positioned to prevent a person from falling over, under or between the rails.



Self-Closing Gates


Self-closing gates may also be fitted to guardrails at an access point to and from the external ladder.  1100 mm in height, the self-closing gate is spring loaded and will automatically close after access.

View product specification for detailed dimensions.


Toe boards

Toe boards are also required on guardrails whenever there is a possible risk of objects to falling from the edge, causing injury. Toe boards are manufactured from GRP at 150mm in height to meet with regulations.


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ladders, guardrails, self-closing gates and toe boards. 

To safeguard operating and maintenance personnel. We endeavor to facilitate and discuss any extra or alternative safety features you may want to be incorporated into the water tank.

External Ladder specification:

External Ladder specification
Available heights ≤4m
Construction Aluminum
Hoops Included where ladders are greater than 2m in height
Fixing brackets Aluminum
Additional component Top platform

INTERNAL Ladder specification:

Internal Ladder specification
Available heights ≤4m
Construction GRP
Fixing brackets GRP


Guide to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007
The work at height regulation (Northern Ireland)2005
The work at height regulation 2005
ENISO 14122

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Tricel manufacture deliver & install cold water storage tanks across a wide range of industry sectors throughout Ireland & the UK. Tricel also provide an import/export services for our international clients. Tricel have been Manufacturing water tanks since 1973, and are made from Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP). This top quality material offers outstanding capabilities including long life, durability and is a cost effective solution for water storage even in the harshest environments. Cold water storage is available for both potable and non-potable applications.

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Key Features


Prevent a person from falling, fitted at a height of 2m or higher.


Fitted to guardrails. Spring loaded gates will automatically close after access

Toe Boards

Regulations require 150 mm in height. Installed to reduce the risk of objects falling from the edge.

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