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GRP Sprinkler System Water Tank

Killeavy Castle Estate Sprinkler Tank Installation

Killeavy Castle Estate Sprinkler Tank Requirements:

DATE: December 2018
LOCATION: County Armagh, Northern Ireland
REQUIREMENTS: Sprinkler tank
PRODUCT SUPPLIED:  Residential sprinkler tank

Water Tank Dimensions & Capacity:

1.5 x 1 x 1.5 residential sprinkler tank c/w ball valve housing, side access hatch, internal and external ladders, and connections.

Killeavy Castle Estate Sprinkler Tank Installation:

Killeavy Castle is a Grade A listed historical building initially designed in 1836 by architect George Papworth of Dublin. Formally known as Killeavy Lodge, the Foxall family had their home rebuilt in the style of the pre-Victorian Gosford Castle including towers and Tudor windows.

The Bell family took ownership of the property in 1881, but in recent years the building fell into some disrepair. In recent times the old castle underwent restoration to develop it into intimate hotel and Wellness centre.

In order to open to the public and to comply with safety regulations, the establishment required an integrated sprinkler tank system. An essential element of the system is the water storage tank, which is for containing the system’s water for emergencies.

A problem encountered by the owners was the available space in the chosen tank placement room, in particular, was the height restriction due to the limited height available. To solve this problem, the team turned to Tricel and requested a suitable solution to accommodate restricted space.

In response, our production team identified the ideal solution, which was the manufacture of reduced ball valve housings at 300mm in height, which solved the height restriction issue. We also provided a slide off access hatch and custom modified the external ladder to fit within the allocated space.

Our in-house tank assembly team then constructed the required sprinkler tank in line with requirements based on the site development plan. The entire solution was in place on schedule, allowing for the project to be completed on time.

Example Water Storage Tank

Tricel GRP Water Storage Tanks 

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