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Treatment plants

Septic tanks

Pumping stations



Safety products

Access covers

Meter boxes



Pole Mounted lighting interface.


Frames and overboxes

Cable Box


Tricel is dedicated to providing high quality products and services across its range of markets. Our aim is to achieve the highest standards of quality within Tricel’s production processes, operations and customer service. Monitoring quality performance is a key element of our quality strategy to ensure that we supply our clients with high quality products consistently. To employ this, traceability of products, raw materials and procurement of reliable raw materials is at the core of our business processes.

Strict codes of practice are in place for all employees and their responsibilities and obligations are clearly identified, to ensure that quality is never compromised. Effective management of quality within the group from design, conception and production, assists the improvement of performance within Tricel.

Tricel companies have successfully achieved the following quality standards.

SR66 Certification