Tricel Maxus Commercial Wastewater Treatment


Tricel Maxus are commercial wastewater treatment plants that operate on Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) technology.

They are designed to treat wastewater arising from human activity in applications greater than 50PE.

Part of the Tricel Maxus range includes the Tricel Maxus Combi, which is our “all-in-one” treatment plant.

No matter what are your commercial wastewater treatment requirement, we can advise you on the best Tricel Maxus solution for your project (based on the PE, treatment level required and site constraints).

The tanks are robust and easy to install, with multiple configurations that suit any site. All the tanks are installed in-ground.

Simple in operation, they are easy to maintain over the product’s lifespan.

Applications include:

to name a few.

These highly versatile systems are individually sized to suit every scenario over 50PE.

Commercial wastewater

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Key features and benefits of the Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment is suitable for more than 50 Population Equivalent (PE) applications.

  • Excellent treatment from proven SAF technology.
  • Ideal for seasonal loads or constant loads. The control panel will automatically adjust to the incoming load to ensure optimum performance.
  • Extensively tested and ETA verified for holiday home applications. The system will go into a power-saving mode during periods of no flow and restart once a flow is detected without the need for any manual inputs.
  • Swift back up and service located in Ireland. Range of service contracts available.
  • Versatile technology which can adapt to different loadings or effluent strengths.
  • Simple operation using long-life reliable components leads to low running costs. No moving parts within the plant make it easy to maintain.
  • Full design engineered solutions are offered. Bespoke solutions are offered for every unique site to ensure the best performance. GRP or Concrete settlement tank options.
  • Flexible installation options to suit any site. This plant can fit into difficult sites or simply save space.


How does the Tricel Maxus work?

Tricel Maxus Combi (all in one treatment plant)

Tricel Maxus Combi all in one tank - how does it work

Tricel Maxus (separated settlement, buffer and treatment tanks)

Tricel Maxus work
  1. Settlement tank (septic tank)
  2. Buffer tank
  3. Biological treatment zone (Biozone)
  4. Clarifier

Both options are treating the wastewater in the same way. The wastewater treatment Tricel Maxus and Maxus Combi use highly effective SAF technology, treating wastewater in 4 stages.

1. settlement tank/SEPTIC TANK:

Wastewater enters into the Tricel Maxus System in the settlement tank. Here, primary treatment occurs. Heavy solids are separated from the wastewater and settle out to form a sludge on the tank’s base. Lighter solids, such as oil fats, or grease, float to the top of the wastewater and are retained within the settlement tank.

2. The buffer tank:

From here, the partially treated wastewater enters the buffer tank. The buffer tank will even out any fluctuations in the incoming water load. Pumps at the buffer tank’s bottom feed the wastewater into the treatment plant.

3. biological treatment zone/Biozone:

In this zone, the submerged aerated filter, with a large surface area for the microbes, is exposed to heavy aeration as the wastewater passes through. The system will never clog and does not need any maintenance or chemicals.

4. The clarifier:

In the clarifier, bio sludge from the treatment process settles out of the treated liquid. Airlift pumps recirculate the bio sludge from the base of the tank back to the settlement tank. The fully treated liquid is now ready to discharge from the plant.

Technical characteristics and dimensions

1. Tricel Maxus Combi Range (all in one tank)

System overview

Tricel Maxus Combi Overview - how does ir work
Tricel Maxus Combi Installation photos

Dimensions Tricel Combi Model A, for standard installations.

Invert level on Model A is 520mm, which is used for installations where the system is placed low on the ground, which makes it possible to gravitate to the system, or if the water is pumped to the system.

Tricel Maxus Combi Dimensions Model A and images

Dimensions Tricel Combi Model B, for sites where there is a low invert, avoiding the use of risers and minimising the risk of surface water entering the tank.

Invert level on Model B is 1620mm and is used where water can’t gravitate to Model A but will be able to gravitate to Model B inlet without being pumped.

Tricel Maxus Combi Dimensions Model B and images

The table below shows you the dimensions on the Tricel Maxus Combi (all in one) treatment plants.

Based on the PE and the treatment level required, Tricel can advise you on the best Maxus Combi solution for your project.

Combi 3A/BCombi 4A/BCombi 5A/BCombi 6A/BCombi 7A/BCombi 8A/BCombi 9A/B
Height (m)2.422.422.422.422.422.422.42
Width (m)2.302.302.302.302.302.302.30
Length (m)5.7826.9758.49710.21211.12612.20912.9
Weight (kg)1,6501,9502,5503,2503,6504,3004,750
Weight w. water (kg)23,55328,83035,72343,54447,71152,87454,648
Septic tank size (A/B) (m3)9.1/7.411.8/10.115.2/13.519.7/18.020.8/19.122.7/21.023.3/21.6
Buffer tank size (m3)1.652.2533.754.505.256
Power consumption at max load (kWh/d)
Power consumption at min load (kWh/d)*
In-outlet pipe connection (mm)160/160160/160160/160160/160160/160160/160160/160
Diaphragm Blower(s). Installed in the integrated tech box1 x 400lpm1 x 400lpm2 x 300lpm2 x 400lpm2 x 400lpm2 x 400lpm
+2 x 240lpm
2 x 400lpm
+2 x 300lpm
Pumps in pump well2 x 550W
grinder pump
2 x 550W
grinder pump
2 x 550W
grinder pump
2 x 750W
grinder pump
2 x 750W
grinder pump
2 x 750W
grinder pump
2 x 750W
grinder pump
Pumps in buffer tank2 x 370W
sewage pump
2 x 370W
sewage pump
2 x 370W
sewage pump
2 x 370W
sewage pump
2 x 370W
sewage pump
2 x 370W
sewage pump
2 x 370W
sewage pump
*Reduced energy consumption when loadings are lower.

2. Tricel Maxus range (multi tanks)

Tricel Maxus inside
The settlement and buffer tanks
Profil view Maxus
Top view maxus
Maxus tank
The settlement and buffer tanks
Profile view jupiter
top view tricel Jupiter

The table below shows Tricel Maxus system sizes, but each system is designed to suit project requirements.

CodePESettlement And Buffer Tank*Treatment Plant
TankL (m)W (m)H (m)Plant Shape**L (m)L (m)H (m)
*All settlement and buffer tank dimensions are for GRP tanks as standard. Concrete options are available.
** Please note, the treatment plant is circular for up to 88PE and rectangular for plants over 88PE

​Tricel Maxus Wastewater Treatment Systems installed

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant

The hotel was looking at upgrading its septic tank with a commercial wastewater treatment plant as part of its improvements. (2021)
2 min

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Wicklow

Tricel Provided a Tricel Maxus for a caravan park in the Brittas Bay , co Wicklow. (2022)

3 min 30

Wastewater Solution Garden Centre

Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment & Sandcel sand polishing filter installaed in a garden center with a hotel.

2 min 30

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Upgrade to an existing wastewater treatment system in a cheese processing factory (2022)
3 min

Sewage treatment plant for hotels

The client needed wastewater treatment for hotels to increase effluent performance. (2022)

3 min

Commercial wastewater denmark

A commercial wastewater system is installed at a camping site with a capacity for 130 caravans. (2015)
3 min 30

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a solution for everything. We can work with BOD load high or low and find suitable options for your site.

The versatile technology can be adapted to different loadings or effluent strengths. With its flexible design, we can easily add more treatment zones and clarifiers to ensure the effluent meets site requirements (such as low BOD, nitrogen, phosphorus, or even E-coli).

Yes. We work with you to offer a bespoke solution for your unique site to ensure the best performance.

Contact us to discuss your project and requirements.

Some of the questions we’ll cover with you:

  • Where are you discharging? You might also need extra such as Sandcel sand polishing filter or Tricel Puraflo.
  • What is your effluent quality requirement?
  • Sizing the plant
  • What is in the effluent (standard or unusual -> lots of washing machines for example)?
  • Futureproofing

The Maxus is suitable for both seasonal or constant load. The control panel automatically adjusts as incoming loads increase to ensure optimal performance. By working with the flow, the pumps on the tank reduce energy costs during off-peak seasons.

Ideal for:

  • Schools (opened 5 days/week and closed during holidays)
  • Hotels (busy during summers, closed during winters)
  • Housing estates (where the theoretical PE calculation might be higher than the actual load)

Yes. Let’s take an example of a hotel with a requirement of 100 PE and futureproofing for 200 PE in a few years’ time.

In this case, we would do the following:

  • Settlement tank (1) and buffer tank (2) for 200 PE
  • Biological treatment zone (3) and clarifier (4) for 100 PE. The extra cost would be only for an additional 3+4 when required.



How does the tricel Maxus work

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Extensive industry experience, manufacturing since 1973.

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