Tricel Maxus

Wastewater Solution Garden Centre in Kells Bay, Co.Kerry

Case study overview

February 2022

Kells Bay, Co.Kerry

Project Type
Commercial wastewater treatment plant (garden centre)

Tricel solution
Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment & Sandcel sand polishing filter

Wastewater solutions garden centres in Kells Bay, Co.Kerry

The challenge

About Kells Bay House and Gardens

With a unique microclimate created by the Gulf Stream, Kells Bay House and Gardens are one of Europe’s premier horticultural attractions. Amongst the garden centre, one can also find the SkyWalk, Ireland’s longest rope bridge.

In addition to the hotel, there were multiple sources of wastewater on-site like garden centre, residential houses, and potential future expansion of the hotel. Due to the location and nature of the site, high-quality effluent was required. Moreover, an aesthetically pleasing solution was preferential due to the plant’s location and sand polishing filter.

Kells Plant

Wastewater Solution for a Garden Centre, the challenges of the project 

With a limited amount of space, Tricel had to find ways to minimise the impact of the system with a suitable wastewater solution for a garden centre so it doesn’t interfere with the current landscape with the smallest possible footprint.

Although all the systems were suitable, the owner wanted to be prepared for future expansion. A new shop was about to open at the guest house.

In Kells Bay, a garden, a restaurant, a café, and accommodations can be found. Two Tricel Novo wastewater treatment systems were previously provided by Tricel, one for the hotel and one for two houses. Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment system was installed to convert the owner’s existing wastewater solution into a single system. 

Because of the depth of soil and due to its location near the coast, the system required high-quality effluent. As a tertiary treatment, we added a sand polishing filter, as Sandcel filters provide excellent polishing of treated effluent.

The Sandcel sand polishing filter also allows for garden integration, for example on the top of the Sandcel, the owner plans to plant wildflowers.

Tricel Sandcel sand polishing filter
Kells Sandcel

To install the best wastewater solution for garden center, Tricel worked with the Engineering Firm named Reeks. Based in Killarney, County Kerry, REEKS Consulting Engineers is an experienced, chartered, and fully insured engineering consultancy. 

Tricel solution

Why choose Tricel?

With versatile technology, the solution is already designed to adapt to different loadings and effluent strengths. Tricel Maxus Wastewater Treatment Plant allows for various flows throughout the year, during peak periods and quiet periods. It is economical with electricity usage and is easy to maintain. 

During off-peak seasons, energy costs are also reduced because the pumps on the tank work with the flow. We have designed our wastewater treatment plants to handle seasonal loads and constant loads. The control panel will be optimised automatically according to the amount of incoming loads and effluent strength.

The installation started on the 4th of February 2022, it was commissioned 4 days later.

How did Tricel help to install wastewater for a garden centre?

Based on our knowledge, Tricel reviewed the sizing calculation and adjusted it accordingly.

The Tricel Maxus commercial wastewater treatment system was chosen to meet the required treatment level. It uses a Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) system with a control panel E-III that controls all the plant’s electrical components. 

It is easy to install and comes with various configuration options that can be tailored to nearly any site. As well as being easy to use, it can also be easily maintained.

They are designed to handle wastewater exceeding 50 Population Equivalent (PE).

Tricel Maxus utilizes highly effective (Submerged Aerated Filter) SAF technology to treat wastewater in 4 stages.

How does the Tricel Maxus work
Wastewater solution garden centres

Running efficiency

Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment is suitable for seasonal or constant loads. As incoming loads increase, the control panel automatically adjusts to ensure optimal performance.

In the buffer tank, the partially treated wastewater from the settlement tanks (1 above) (Fortis septic tanks) enters. 

Inside the buffer tank (2 above), there are two pumps whose role is to even out the flow, thanks to floats and a timer. Indeed, the floats inside the buffer tank send a signal to the control panel, and in turn, the control panel send a signal to the air blowers to ramp up or down based on actual flow. 

This way, the customer is saving on both pump and air blower running costs (electricity) and increasing their lifespan.

Following the buffer tank, the wastewater is pumped into the treatment plant​ (3 above) and clarifier (4 above).

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