Wastewater treatment warranties


Tricel is a global leader and local manufacturer of high-quality treatment technology. We offer a diverse range of sanitation products for primary homes, holiday homes, and commercial wastewater treatment, including offices and small factories. Each product comes with specific guarantees and warranties, as well as terms and conditions. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service for more information.

We source and produce the raw materials needed to create our products locally, ensuring exceptional quality throughout every stage of the design process

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The key message &  objectives


  • Proper operation and maintenance of the Domestics Waste Water Treatment Systems (DWTTS).
  • Appropriate management of the DTTW’s sludge
  • Improved public awareness
  • View the plan and find out the risk-based methodology used to select the sites for inspection.
  • For the National Inspection Plan to achieve its goals (clean water and the protection of human health), a two-strand approach is in place:
  • Engagement strategy (education & awareness for homeowners to maintain their systems)
  • Inspections based on risks (identify system failures & actions to remedy the problems)

Planned inspections

  • At least 1,000 inspections per year are scheduled and will be carried out by local authority’s.
  • The EPA appoints the local authority inspectors.
  • The number of inspections allocated to be carried out per county is dependent upon risk, meaning numerous checks allocated to high-risk areas.
  • National Inspection Plan Domestic: Waste Water Treatment SystemsThe local authorities select targets using the following steps outlined below:
  • Check the priority ranking map and the number of inspections required.
  • Select the area for examination based on local knowledge, such as known water pollution.
  • Selection of the sites for inspection is then finalised (unregistered properties get targeted first).

Sheet moulding compound

Commonly called SMC, the sheet moulding compound is processed by Tricel to produce our waste water treatment plants and the following solutions: The Tricel PurafloTricel VentoTricel NovoTricel Sandcel & pump stations. This material allows our products to be, lightweight, extremely resistant & without any risk of corrosion over time. We have the best ratio thickness / strength on the non-collective sanitation market. Why choose our products? Because we pride ourselves in producing products with very high quality materials – it’s part of Tricel’s DNA.

We believe that SMC has all the comparative advantages necessary to be an unquestionable material. Longevity, lightness & resistance define this material.

Warranties on Tricel products

Because Tricel manufactures and chooses the best materials for the design of its products. Most Tricel products have warranties of up to 10 years guarantee. All our products within this product range are CE certified to EU safety, health and environmental requirements. 

Please find below the list of our products and the warranty that is applied. Please also note that this warranty is only valid if the sewage system is properly installed by a qualified installer. Please also note that all warranties are subject to correct use of the product, including maintenance as per manufacturer guidelines.

Tricel Novo
10 years
Tricel Vitae
10 years
Tricel Vento
10 years
Tricel Puraflo
12 months
Tricel Tero
12 months

*from date of purchase

Internal parts wastewater treatment warranties 

Tricel also provides a guarantee on the internal components of our sanitation devices. All internal parts are covered by our company for one year.

Tricel is committed to the quality of its products

Tricel products come with warranties and are built for long-lasting performance.

For instance, our Tricel Novo Wastewater Treatment Plant demonstrates our commitment to quality.

A decade ago, one of our many customers in Tralee, Co. Kerry, purchased a Tricel Novo 9PE wastewater treatment plant with a pump for her home.

Tricel Novo Wastewater Treatment Plants are user-friendly, dependable, and durable. The system’s longevity is evident, as the plant remains in excellent working condition even after ten years.

The only maintenance required by the owner is an annual service visit.

Tricel Novo 9PE installation
Tricel Novo 9PE installation result

Over time, we have expanded our Tricel wastewater treatment range and introduced new products. Although the Tricel Novo 9PE is no longer available, we have new solutions to offer you.

Tricel is dedicated to innovating and creating new wastewater treatment products tailored to various needs.

Explore our product range below.

Our range of products

Tricel Vento

Tricel Vento Septic Tank

Shallow dig tank, strong & robust underground tank, No electrical or moving parts. Ideal for sites with good drainage & plenty of space.

Learn more
Tricel Novo Domestic sewage treatment

Tricel Novo Sewage Treatment Plant

Durable & long lasting SMC tank, shallow dig tank, easy installation (Plug and Play), long life components.

Learn more
Tricel Maxus Combi

Tricel Maxus Sewage Treatment Plant

Commercial plant. Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) technology. Ideal for project over 50 PE.

Learn more
Tricel Tero tertiary treatment plant

Tricel Tero Tertiary Treatment

An eco-friendly and modular system with proven E.Coli Treatment capabilities in line with the new EPA requirements.

Learn more
Tricel Puraflo secondary treatment plant

Tricel Puraflo Secondary treatment plant

Ideal for sensitive sites, compliant to Irish Standard, small footprint.

Learn more
Tricel Sandcel sand polishing filter

Tricel Sandcel
Sand Polishing Filter

Provides a dual function of polishing the effluent from a wastewater treatment system and disposing it into groundwater.

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Pumping Solutions

Tricel Pumping Stations

Pump fluids from one place to another where gravity drainage cannot be used, easy and trouble-free installation

Learn more

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Key features

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Operating costs are reduced to

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Sewage treatment plants are extremely reliable and durable as they are made out of long-lasting materials (20 to 40 years)

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All Tricel Novo sewage treatment plants are tested to the highest quality standards and are EU Certified to EN12566-3

Frequently Asked Questions

PE represents the initials of Population Equivalent. Population equivalent: conversion value which aims at expressing non-domestic applications in terms of domestic loading based on 1 person creates 60 g/day BOD5 and 150l/day. (Code of Practice: Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses (p.e. < 10), EPA)

Tricel Novo Vitae

 Both are wastewater treament plant solutions manufactured by Tricel. Wastewater treatment plants offer a superior quality of treatment. For example, the Tricel Novo comprises of three independent wastewater treatment zones and offers an average of efficiency of 95.9% BOD removal.
This is a higher treatment standard than the effluent from a septic tank. Please note: all wastewater treatment plants used in Ireland must comply with the EN12566-3 standard and all septic tanks must comply with the EN12566-1 standard..

Tricel Vento

The septic tank from Tricel is manufactured as a primary treatment. Designed for the settlement of your effluent. This product may need an additional treatment like the Sandcel or Puraflo.

Most Tricel products have a warranty. To discover all the guarantees on our products, as well as on the internal parts, consult our dedicated product pages.

The required standards are 20:30:20 BOD, SS, NH4. All Tricel produces exceed the requirements when tested to En12566-3 and comply with SR66.

Learn more about our certification

Tricel recommends that you maintain your device to the fullest. You are obliged by law to avoid all types of pollution or nuisances. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our service contracts. An annual maintenance contract may be offered.

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