Secondary Treatment of Wastewater


Secondary treatment of wastewater is the further treatment of effluent that is coming from the primary treatment tank. Secondary treatment is required when the soil or grounds are located on sensitive sites such as water table protection areas. The combined treatment will result in a high-level pathogen and nutrient reduction.

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If you are looking for a tertiary treatment system for after your Wastewater treatment plant, have a look at our Tricel Tero. A tertiary wastewater system that purifies the treated effluent from a packaged treatment plant. It has been tested for e coli treatment efficacy, is compact, easy to install & simple to maintain. 

Tricel Puraflo treatment modules are ideal as a polishing filter for secondary wastewater treatment applications.

Environmentally sensitive sites, such as in water table protection areas, often require a higher level of treatment. The required level of treatment is achieved by combining Puraflo modules with a primary treatment tank.

Puraflo polishing filter modules and the combined system will provide very high-level pathogen and nutrient reduction.

Tricel Puraflo module
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Table of Contents

Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Tricel Puraflo Case study

Tricel Puraflo is used as a secondary treatment following a septic tank.


How does a Tricel Puraflo system work?

Collection: Sewage & Wastewater flows from the building into a septic tank. The solid particles settle, and the liquid effluent flows by gravity through an effluent filter to a pump/sump chamber.

Treatment: The effluent is pumped intermittently to the Tricel Puraflo system, which is dispersed evenly onto the coconut fibre. A mixture of biological, chemical, and physical processes treats the effluent as it filters through the coconut fibre media.

Dispersal or water reuse: The treated effluent flows from the Puraflo modules and disperses itself into the ground through a percolation area. It could also get collected for disposal by other methods. The high treatment levels achieved in the Puraflo system reduce the risk of pollution whilst providing protection for homes, the environment and public health.

Key features & benefits

Secondary treatment of wastewater

  • Flexible sizing options due to modular design features.
  • Odour-free treatment.
  • Little to no energy consumption eco-friendly.
  • Ideal for holiday homes as compatible for seasonal or intermittent use.
  • Certified to EN12566-3.
  • High-level pathogen and nitrogen removal.
  • Green solution, based on passive biofiltration principles.
  • Minimal maintenance & operational requirements.

Interact with the Tricel Puraflo Packaged Filter System

How to interact with the tank

  • Click on the numbers to see the annotations.
  • To view in Virtual Reality (VR), click the square at the top right-hand corner and simply scan the QR code with your phone.
  • To check the dimensions, click on the spanner icon.
  • In order to download an image of the Puraflo module, click on the camera icon (top right-hand corner)

Finally, you can also visit THE LAB by Tricel to view the Puraflo in a Virtual Showroom, interact with 3D models, view images and product videos.

Secondary  Wastewater Treatment

Simple installation, Minimum maintenance

Tricel Puraflo is a modular wastewater treatment system that can be for a larger or smaller capacity depending on a house or building size.

The Puraflo system uses coconut fibre to break down the effluent making this type of treatment system popular using little to no energy.

The Tricel Puraflo modular system works in conjunction with your septic tank.

Tricel Puraflo for homeowners

The Puraflo domestic wastewater system works in conjunction with the homeowners existing septic tank.

The Puraflo system has many advantages for the homeowner, including ;

  • Minimal power consumption: for a typical small unit Puraflo system, the minimal power consumption would be 25KWh per annum. This is equivalent to the cost of operating a 13W LED light bulb used in a bedroom.
  • More installation options: the system can be installed both below and above ground level.
  • No concrete backfill required: excess excavated material may be used as backfill. This means reduced installation costs for the homeowner.
  • Less maintenance costs: the Tricel Puraflo biofilters do not need to be desludged. Once the septic tank and sump chamber receive regular desludging, the Puraflo will continue to work effectively.
  • Suitable for holiday homes: the Tricel Puraflo is equipped to handle seasonal and intermittent loads.       
  • Reduced risk of mechanical failure: our Puraflo system is eco-friendly and we rely on our coconut fibre to do most of the work.  The only electrical component used in the Puraflo is a pump. The pump works intermittently, reducing the risk of mechanical problems.

Secondary Wastewater Treatment Puraflo module dimensions (mm)


How many Tricel Puraflo modules do you need?

The Puraflo treatment system is supplied in a number of modules such as the one illustrated above. The number of modules depends on the number of people who would normally occupy the property.

These sizing guidelines have been designed following the EPA Wastewater Treatment Manuals for single dwellings.

  • Single house unit with up to 8 PE = 2 modules
  • Single house unit with up to 12 PE = 3 modules
  • Single house unit with up to 16  people = 4 modules
  • Single house unit with up to 24  people = 6 modules

Puraflo prices and further information

For pricing and further information about secondary wastewater treatment, please contact our sales team, who would be delighted to discuss the best Puraflo offers available to you.


Looking for a tertiary treatment system for after your Wastewater treatment plant, look no further! The Tricel Tero is a tertiary wastewater system that purifies the treated effluent from a packaged treatment plant. It has been tested for e coli treatment efficacy, is compact, easy to install & simple to maintain. 

Installation Puraflo Packaged Filter System

Tricel Puraflo installation
Puraflo Packaged filter system installation


  Tricel wastewater treatment plants are fully tested and accredited to European standards for CE certification. Tricel wastewater treatment plant meets with EN12566-3 requirements which test both the quality of the components as well as the overall performance of the plant.
IE CE certification
Certification ISO

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Tricel manufacture deliver & install sewage treatment plants across a wide range of industry sectors throughout Ireland & the UK. Tricel also provide import/export services for our international clients. Top quality material offers outstanding capabilities including long life, durability and is a cost-effective solution for sewage treatment even in the harshest environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PE represents the initials of Population Equivalent. Population equivalent: conversion value which aims at expressing non-domestic applications in terms of domestic loading based on 1 person creates 60 g/day BOD5 and 150l/day. (Code of Practice: Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses (p.e. < 10), EPA)

Tricel Novo Vitae

 Both are wastewater treament plant solutions manufactured by Tricel. Wastewater treatment plants offer a superior quality of treatment. For example, the Tricel Novo comprises of three independent wastewater treatment zones and offers an average of efficiency of 95.9% BOD removal.
This is a higher treatment standard than the effluent from a septic tank. Please note: all wastewater treatment plants used in Ireland must comply with the EN12566-3 standard and all septic tanks must comply with the EN12566-1 standard..

Tricel Vento

The septic tank from Tricel is manufactured as a primary treatment. Designed for the settlement of your effluent. This product may need an additional treatment like the Sandcel or Puraflo.

Most Tricel products have a warranty. To discover all the guarantees on our products, as well as on the internal parts, consult our dedicated product pages.

The required standards are 20:30:20 BOD, SS, NH4. All Tricel produces exceed the requirements when tested to En12566-3 and comply with SR66.

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Tricel recommends that you maintain your device to the fullest. You are obliged by law to avoid all types of pollution or nuisances. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our service contracts. An annual maintenance contract may be offered.

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