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Case study overview

October 2022

Boherbue, Co. Cork

Project Type
Upgrade to an existing wastewater treatment system in a cheese processing factory

Tricel solution
Tricel Maxus commercial wastewater Treatment systems

Tricel Maxus Commercial Wastewater Treatment Unit

The challenge

About Ingredient Solutions Ltd

Ingredient Solutions Ltd is a cheese processing factory based in County Cork. They provide a fully integrated service and a wide array of cheese products. On site, they grate, slide and pack the various kinds of cheese. 

The challenges of this project

They were looking for a solution to upgrade their sewage treatment system to meet the following requirements:

  • Expansion and increased production
  • Carrying on respecting the licence to discharge*.
  • Avoid overloading the local village wastewater treatment system into which they are discharging. 

* In Ireland, if you are discharging more than 5m3 daily or if it is a commercial (not residential) wastewater treatment, you need a discharge licence regulated by the EPA

Tricel solution

How did Tricel help?

Back in June 2022, Tricel was contacted by the engineer appointed by Ingredient Solutions. He explained the situation and shared details of the wastewater to be treated. 

Indeed to design a treatment plant, we need to have details of the wastewater to be treated, such as:

  • The pattern of the flow
  • The total flow
  • The strength of the effluent to treat (BOD load, SS, Phosphorus, Ammonia) and the requirements for the treated effluent. 

As the Ingredient Solutions team had already run some tests and had all the data available, we were able to start working on wastewater treatment solutions for them. 

They knew the effluent was made of the wash down at the end of every day for 1h30 (⅔) in addition to the office usage (⅓). They took multiple samples during the year at different stages of the wastewater treatment (at the start, middle and end of the washdown). They had received the results from the laboratories, and they also confirmed the number and length of the shifts.  

Once the details were received, Tricel met with the engineer and submitted a proposal for the treatment unit. 

Equipment supplied:

Tricel Maxus two chambers treatment tank.

The following was installed:

  • 2 x concrete septic tanks  
  • 1 x 3,500 gallon (15m3) buffer tank
  • 1x 5,000 gallon (23m3) settlement tank 

The Tricel Maxus commercial sewage treatment plant was chosen to treat the wastewater to high levels, to keep the same disposal route (the local sewage treatment plant) and ensure the licence to discharge carried on was respected. 

The buffet tank was calibrated to avoid overloading the local village waste water treatment system. 

We specified an appropriate treatment zone and clarifier to ensure the treated effluent met the quality requirements. 

To deal with expansion and to futureproof, the biological treatment zone and clarifier were installed above ground, allowing the company to take it with them to their next factory if/when they decide to relocate. Should they then need a larger treatment zone, they will be able to add to the system.

See the photo showing the underground buffer tank (foreground) with an overground treatment unit (background).

Tricel Maxus underground buffer tank and overground treatment unit

How does the Tricel Maxus work?

How does the Tricel Maxus work

In this example, for space purposes, the concrete settlement tank (1) was used for the primary treatment to occur. It is followed by a buffer tank (2), whose role is to even out the fluctuations in the incoming water load. The biological treatment zone (3) has a submerged aerated filter with an area for the microbes, which is exposed to aeration as the waste water passes through, ensuring the wastewater is treated to meet the requirements. Finally, in the clarifier (4), the bio sludge settles at the bottom and is then recirculated from the bottom of the tank back into the settlement tank (thanks to an airlift pump).

The installation

Installation was done by a local builder and Tricel worked on-site to : 

  • Install the inlet pumps and piping into the buffer tank (this was a full day’s work).
  • Plumb and install the sampling chamber and plumb the sludge return piping 
  • Commission plant (first phase of commission)
  • The second phase of commissioning will be completed shortly 

The final result

The plant is working well; the stakeholders are satisfied with the Tricel Maxus, commissioned in October 2022.

At Tricel, we are wastewater treatment plant specialists here to help with your projects. We have a wide range of products, from septic tanks to sand polishing filters. 

Contact us today to discuss factories-related wastewater treatment requirements. We can also cater for nursing homes, hotels, schools, housing estates, caravan parks, and much more. Talk to us today. 

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