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Everything you need to know for the maintenance of your Tricel Puraflo.

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What is a Tricel Puraflo system and how does it work?


Tricel Puraflo modules are used after a septic tank as a secondary treatment plant or after a wastewater treatment plant as a tertiary treatment plant. ​

From June 2022, a new generation of Puraflo modules is available. It uses coconut fibre as media instead of peat and provides a very high treatment efficiency.

Puraflo modules are ideal for use in areas of outstanding natural beauty where effluent quality is paramount, as well as for holiday homes, campsites and schools with intermittent usage. Initially supplied by Bord Na Mona (ANUA), the Puraflo system is supplied now by Tricel. Discover more information about Tricel Puraflo


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Tricel Puraflo maintenance

Anua Environmental and Anua Gaffney Environmental provide services to Puraflo systems bought prior to March 2015 from Bord Na Mona. See contact details below:

Any systems bought through Tricel – our experienced service and repair team is available to schedule a service for Tricel Puraflo systems.


Tricel Puraflo maintenance: service agreements available

Maintenance required for a Tricel Puraflo is very low. Nonetheless, we would advise putting in place a yearly maintenance service to ensure that your Tricel Puraflo continues to perform to the same high standards throughout its lifetime.

Available in a one year to a ten-year contract, starting at €195, Tricel’s service agreement covers travel, the service and the labour cost of servicing only. Other labour costs are excluded, as are all replacement parts.

To book a service agreement for your Tricel Puraflo, contact us.

The service technician performs a series of checks and procedures during routine servicing.

The checks performed

That general condition of the pump chamber is good.

The pipework inside the pump chamber is secure.

The pipework in the sampling chamber is secure.

The lid of the sampling chamber is in good condition.

The condition of the media is inspected.

The system is inspected for any apparent non-wastewater infiltration into any compartment (at the time of inspection).

The effluent filter in the septic tank is checked and cleared of any blockages if required (only applies to a secondary system).

General appearance and condition of the treatment system and the surrounding ground area are good.

The procedures

Clear the vents in the sampling chamber.

Test the electrical control panel and alarm system.

Test the pump and float switch.

Clear the distribution outlets in the modules of any blockages.

The level of the sludge in the septic tank/primary storage chamber is measured.

Interact with the Tricel Puraflo Packaged Filter System

  • Click on the numbers to see the annotations.
  • To view in Virtual Reality (VR), click the square at the top right-hand corner and simply scan the QR code with your phone.
  • To check the dimensions, click on the spanner icon.
  • To download an image of the Puraflo module, click on the camera icon (top right-hand corner)

Finally, you can also visit THE LAB by Tricel to view the Puraflo in a Virtual Showroom, interact with 3D models, view images and product videos.

Coconut Fiber

Where can I buy replacement Peat fibre for my Puraflo?

Bord na Móna, the only official approved supplier of peat is no longer harvesting peat in Ireland. As a replacement, Tricel has developed and offers Puraflo replacement kits with Coconut fibre ensuring your Puraflo modules carry on being maintained and keep on treating the effluent to the same high standards.

Replacement coconut fibre (coir fibre) or kits for Puraflo modules are available from Tricel.

Contact our technical team who can guide you.

Why choose Tricel and their service partners

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Fast delivery and rapid response to all of our customers. Average response time of 12 minutes on weekdays.

Partner network

Partner network

Combined knowledge of service partner network throughout Europe

Technical expertise

Technical expertise

Unrivalled technical expertise in the installion, commissioning and maintenance of WWT solutions

Frequently asked questions


What is maintenance and servicing?

Part of the servicing can be directly done by yourself. However, the main part of the maintenance and servicing must be done by a professional.

Tricel offers an annual maintenance contract which is a full service every year to guarantee the efficiency of the system gets maintained. For the smooth running of the operation, service personal must get accommodated with unobstructed access to the tank.

Why is maintenance important?

In Ireland, there are approximately 500,000 wastewater treatment systems and most of them are septic tanks. Lack of tank desludging and maintenance of wastewater treatment system is an issue as this poses risks to health or environment.

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