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Tricel Vento septic tanks are lightweight, easy to install and maintain as well as great value for money. 

See below what septic tank options and alternatives are available from Tricel.

septic tanks

Septic Tank Options


If your home isn’t connected to a sewer, the wastewater produced has to be treated on-site using a septic tank or septic tank options like a domestic wastewater treatment system.

Domestic wastewater includes effluents from toilets, sinks, showers, baths, washing machine and dishwasher. It doesn’t include water from roof or gutter.

Tricel Maxus Commercial Wastewater Treatment Unit

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Tricel Vento is suitable for new builds or upgrades to an existing system



How does a septic tank work?

septic tank is in effect a tank where the sludge from the wastewater effluent can settle. The wastewater enters the tank, with gravity and time the solids drop to the bottom of the tank forming the sludge. A small amount of anaerobic breakdown occurs at this stage.The liquid effluent and the scum is then released into a specially design percolation area where the final improvement to the wastewater occurs.

Are septic tanks always followed by a percolation area?

The effluent coming out of septic tanks requires further treatment before being released into the environment. Therefore, all septic tanks require either a percolation area or a secondary treatment plant such a Puraflo or a soil polishing filter.

How does a wastewater treatment plant work?

A wastewater treatment plant or mechanical aeration unit is an alternative to a septic tank.

As with the septic tank, the wastewater enters the treatment plant and the sludge settles to the bottom, the wastewater treatment plant then treats the effluent. Depending on the type of domestic treatment plant additional chambers are used for the treatment to occur. Diffusers are used to diffuse the air necessary for the bacteria to feed on waste, ensuring an aerobic breakdown of the solids more complex/thorough than with a septic tank. This leads to a higher treatment efficiency compared to a traditional septic tank.

Do wastewater treatment plants require a percolation area?

The effluent coming out from a Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant is 95% clean or higher. Depending on your soil and the percolation test results the effluent from a wastewater treatment plant can be discharged directly into a percolation area or soil polishing filter. A percolation area or soil polishing filter or tertiary treatment plant is required as the final part of the treatment of effluent before being discharged to groundwater.


Certification of septic tank options and alternatives

Under the EU regulations, all septic tanks must comply with the CE certification EN12566-1 and all wastewater treatment plants must comply with the CE certification EN12566-3 add S.R. 66.

In Ireland, they must also meet the EPA code of Practice.


CE certification EN12566-1
CE certification EN12566-3

Septic tank options and alternatives – who can advise you?

Following a site assessment by a site assessor or an engineer, recommendations will be made as to which septic tank options and alternatives are suitable for your project.

Contact our technical sales team to request quotes and discuss your project further.

Please note that both septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants require emptying, the frequency of which will vary depending on size and usage.


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