Distance from Septic Tank to house

Septic tank

What are the distances to respect from your wastewater treatment solution to your dwelling?

Septic Tank 

Distance from Septic Tank to house


When it comes to individual wastewater treatment systems, it could be quite challenging to understand the regulations imposed by the local authorities. Among them: the distances to respect.

Depending on your waste water treatment system and the type of housing you are about to equip, the metric logic behind the installation could vary. In order to guarantee the irish water quality, the EPA code of practice listed the norms to respect for single dwellings and small communities in the Republic of Ireland.  

As a potential future owner of a Tricel Novo (wastewater treatment plant) or a Tricel Vento (septic tank), those rules apply to you and your housing. It is your responsibility to insure that they are scrupulously executed.

Distance from Septic Tank to house

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EPA code of Practice requirements

Distance from Septic Tank to house


If you are about to invest in a new wastewater treatment solution (domestic wastewater treatment plant, septic tank, percolation area, polishing filter or even packaged systems), there are a few things you need to know about the installation. The Epa code of Practice created a distance calculator.  It has to be 5 metres away from surface water soakaway, 10 metres away from watercourse or stream, 10 metres away from open drain and 50 metres away from any lake or foreshore.

Trees and site boundaries such as fences have to be 3 metres apart from your waste water system and 4 meters apart from the road.  Last but not least, you have to insure a 7-meter distance to your house. For the homeowners equipped with a percolation area, a 10-metre distance has to be warranted from a wastewater treatment facility to another.


This standard was introduced to prevent any type of dysfunction of your wastewater treatment and the quality of the treated wastewater.


Tricel Vento, Septic tank

septic tank, Tricel vento

Our Tricel Vento septic tank ensures waste water treatment in an exceptional way. It’s an affordable solution for homeowners willing to invest into a high-quality product. Within its two chambers, the wastewater will first be separated from the solids (water discharges) and flow over the second chamber where its quality will be improved and warranted by the percolation area.

Our septic tanks are available in different sizes, from 6 persons up to 20. Because of its material, the Tricel Vento is easy to transport from a point to another and easy to instal. 


Tricel Novo, Wastewaster treatment plant 

wastewater treatment plant, Tricel Novo


With our Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant, we are providing an exceptional and affordable solution to homeowners looking for an efficient and trustworthy product. No moving parts or pumps in the plant, ensuring a consistent operation and minimal maintenance and repair costs. Its compression moulded SMC tank is one of the most technological features available on the market. It also doesn’t require any concrete backfill on most sites, which will allow you to save up to €400. Finally, it has been made in compliance with EN12566-3 CE Certification, respecting the environmental regulations.


Case study



Installation of a new septic tank at Claran National School, County Galway

Discover the whole project step by step. While the site engineer Patrick J. Newell recommended an upgrade of the current wastewater treatment system, he thought that a septic tank could be a suitable option for the school.


Tricel has been chosen as the construction site’s supplier and worked closely to Riverborder construction LTD who carried out for us the septic tank installation and building work. It has been done in line with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines. 

CASE study

Tricel Vento

Key Features

Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter

Reliable & long-lasting

SMC tank, strong & lightweight

Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter

Fast delivery

Manufactured in Ireland, short lead time

Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter


CE certification EN12566- 3, EN12566-1 and S.R.66

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