Fortis and Puraflo

Septic tank installation 

Case study overview

Summer 2017

Claran, Co Galway

Project Type
Extension and septic tank upgrade

Tricel solution
Tricel provides a Fortis septic tank and Puraflo modules as a solution for Claran National School new septic tank installation.

TTricel Fortis septic tank
Tricel Puraflo

The challenge

Following the decision to extend Claran National School, site engineer Patrick J Newell generated a wastewater site recommendation report. This was in order to identify a new suitable wastewater treatment solution and upgrade the existing septic tank installation in line with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

Tricel supplied the specified wastewater treatment solutions and worked alongside Riverborder Construction Ltd who carried out the septic tank installation and building work.

About Claran National School

In County Galway, the Claran National School became established in 1937. Over the last 70 years, the school has seen many upgrades and additions in order to cater for the ever-increasing number of pupils and to also keep up with new legislation and guidelines. The school is continually growing and today has five teachers and 149 students, these range from junior infant to 6th class.

The challenges of the project

Part of the required alterations to the school included upgrading the existing septic tank installation as it was unable to cope with the proposed loading. Consulting engineer, Patrick J Newell from Headford, County Galway, was asked to identify a solution to replace the older and now obsolete septic tank.

Three main factors are taken into account for this project:

  1. The new wastewater treatment solution would have to be able to cope with a relatively large volume of effluent. Taking into account the number of pupils and staff at the school, and following the EPA wastewater treatment manual for treatment systems for small communities, business, leisure centres, and hotels, a population equivalent (PE) of 52 was calculated.
  2. The site had restrictions regarding the available area for infiltration of treated effluent and required a compact solution.
  3. A short timeline was assigned to the project as the works were to be carried out during the holidays to ensure minimum disturbance to the typical day to day running of the school.

Tricel solution

How we helped

Due to the nature and parameters of this project, it was essential to develop a solution which met all unique requirements regarding both the system to be installed and also the timeline for installation. Site restrictions regarding the limited infiltration area in particular needed attention.

The solution involved combining the benefits of a Tricel Fortis septic tank, the use of Tricel Puraflo modules set as secondary wastewater treatment plants which were followed by a soil polishing filter. Moreover, the system required full pressurisation due to the large volume of effluent expected and the restricted area available.

Equipment supplied and installed

Primary treatment: Tricel Fortis 10,800 litre septic tank with outlet filter

The Tricel Fortis 10,800 litre septic tank was a perfect choice for this project due to its proven reliability, efficiency, ease of transportation and price. This tank allowed for a capacity of more than 9.8 cubic meter, ideal to deal with both the current and proposed future loadings.
The tanks low profile (6.6m long by 1.64m wide with a sufficient depth of 1.9m) requires a relatively small excavation for instalment. This economical unit profile and lightweight construct results in not just minimal ground disruption during installation, but also simplified logistics.

Secondary treatment: 20 x Tricel Puraflo modules

Tricel provided Puraflo modules along with a pump chamber and control panel as well as a 5-way indexing distribution valve to disperse the effluent evenly across the Puraflo modules. The distribution valve plays a vital role in dosing the effluent equally across the modules. This action, in turn, extends the lifespan of the bio-fibrous peat used in the Puraflo to treat the liquid effluent. The Tricel Puraflo is perfect for intermittent & seasonal flows which suited the requirements of the project.

Additional Puraflo modules can be added to one another when necessary to allow for large PE requirements, and this option is ideal for compact sites. The total footprint for the 20 modules in this instance is 14m x 4.3m. Moreover, the plant does not require mechanical aeration; it is the most stable, economical and carbon-neutral solution for this application.

Tertiary treatment: intermittent soil polishing filter

Tertiary treatment is the further treatment of effluent that is coming from secondary treatment tank. This is required when a project is on sensitive soil sites, such as water table protection areas. The combination of different treatment applications results in high-level pathogen and nutrient reduction.

In line with the EPA code of practice, a soil polishing filter covering a surface of 315 square meters were required to follow the direct discharge from the secondary treatment system (Puraflo).

Tricel Fortis septic tank
 Tricel Puraflo (foreground) and soil polishing filter (background)
Soil polishing filter

The final result

Septic tank and Puraflo modules installed

Riverborder Construction Ltd carried out the works and installation of a Tricel Fortis septic tank, while Tricel commissioned the tank and installed the required Puraflo modules and pump chamber.

Thanks to these reliable systems, competitive pricing, speed and efficiency the septic tank installation and additional units were in place and operational by the end of the summer of 2017. Less than two months were required following the acceptance of the quote to the installation and commissioning the wastewater treatment system.

If you have a similar project for small communities, business, schools, leisure centre and hotels and are looking for solutions to a septic tank upgrade. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and find suitable solutions.

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