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School Wastewater Treatment Systems

Tricel uses wastewater experience, knowledge, and custom-made resources to ensure compliance rates are exceeded. 

As part of Tricel’s commitment to providing the finest wastewater treatment solutions, we ensure compliance with local environmental agency regulations. Whether you need a brand-new bespoke system or an upgrade for an existing plant, Tricel will find a solution that meets your requirements, needs, space, and budget.

Schools will require a wastewater treatment plant for sewage disposal in rural and remote areas without a public sewer. If a new extension or school building is constructed, the actual wastewater treatment system, like a septic tank will need to be upgraded. This is necessary as the hydraulic and organic loading will increase by accommodating the additional students and staff.

Typically, sewage treatment plants are designed for domestic use and deal with similar amounts of sewage daily, season or yearly. The demand for campsites and caravan parks fluctuates considerably from season to season. The sites might be empty on some days, while they might be packed to capacity on other days. Effluent treatment can suffer when sewage treatment plants cannot handle this fluctuation.

Choosing the right wastewater treatment for your caravan park should be at the top of your list. Indeed, if the system breaks down, it can severely damage the property, the business, and the holidaymakers’ experience. A treatment plant cleans all the wastewater produced on a site to be discharged safely into a percolation area or a river or stream in most cases. Wastewater treatment plants produce clean, non-polluting effluent, which does not harm the environment.

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School Wastewater Treatment Solution

Tricel offers several wastewater treatment solutions that can be adapted to any type of project, such as the Tricel Maxus Wastewater treatment, designed to treat wastewater from small communities and commercial properties greater than 50 PE. With multiple configurations that fit any site, the Maxus is robust, easy to install, and simple to operate; it is easy to maintain over the product’s lifespan.

School sewage can be treated and disposed of using our Tricel Maxus commercial wastewater treatment systems. Due to their location in rural areas, schools often adhere to strict ammonia, phosphorus, nitrogen, and BOD limits for which the Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment plant can cater.

Tricel Maxus Mars installed
Tricel Maxus

In contrast to domestic wastewater applications, creches and schools produce different types of sewage, and it is generally characterised by many toilet flushes and higher organic content. As a result, school and creche wastewater contain high levels of ammonia. The design of a treatment plant for a new school or creche building requires professional input at an early stage. The following unique conditions must be addressed in a school sewage system, which is different from most typical applications.

Some examples : 

  • Between late afternoon and early morning, there is no loading to the plant. 
  • In the summer, the facility is rarely used.
  • There are regular short periods when there is no loading.
  • Due to sensitive locations, effluent standards are high.
  • As no specialist staff is onsite, the system is automatically operated and requires little maintenance.
  • Site restrictions result in a small footprint.
  • A rapid start-up at the beginning of the school year.

School or nursery septic systems can often pollute groundwater and surface water. The wastewater treatment Tricel Maxus guarantee full compliance with the EPA‘s licence conditions. No matter the size restrictions or limitations, we can provide multiple configurations that suit your needs. 

School, creche, nursery or playschool wastewater treatment systems must consider several key factors, such as safety, plant warranty/guarantee, power consumption, site restrictions, and operational and maintenance costs. We are confident that we can offer the most economical and reliable wastewater treatment solution because of our extensive and relevant experience in the commercial sewage treatment sector, including projects for the education sector.

Tricel’s advantages for School Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is suitable for more than 50 Population Equivalent (PE) applications.

  • Schools rely on our Tricel Maxus Commercial Plant for permanent and seasonal operations. The control panel will automatically adjust to the incoming load to ensure optimal performance. When no flow is detected, the system goes into power-saving mode and restarts as soon as the flow is detected.
  • We provide bespoke wastewater treatment solutions regardless of the available space, above ground or below ground, or the effluent standard. If a breach of a discharge licence or permit causes a compliance issue with the environment agency, we can upgrade to ensure full compliance.
  • With the latest developments in commercial wastewater treatment, Tricel provides low-cost, reliable school wastewater treatment using low energy. Low running costs result from simple operation using long-life, reliable components. Easy maintenance is made possible by the lack of moving parts within the plant.

School Wastewater Treatment Tricel Maxus installed

Tricel Fortis septic tank


Commercial Wastewater Treatment in Claran, Co Galway

Read the Case Study.

Summer 2017

FAQ – Tricel Maxus Wastewater Treatment Plant

Can the Tricel Maxus adapt to different loadings or effluent strengths?

Yes, we have a solution for everything. We can work with BOD load high or low and find suitable options for your site.

The versatile technology can be adapted to different loadings or effluent strengths. With its flexible design, we can easily add more treatment zones and clarifiers to ensure the effluent meets site requirements (such as low BOD, nitrogen, phosphorus, or even E-coli).

Does Tricel offer design/bespoke solutions?

Yes. We work with you to offer a bespoke solution for your unique site to ensure the best performance.

Contact us to discuss your project and requirements.

Some of the questions we’ll cover with you:

  • Where are you discharging? You might also need extra such as Sandcel sand polishing filter or Tricel Puraflo.
  • What is your effluent quality requirement?
  • Sizing the plant
  • What is in the effluent (standard or unusual -> lots of washing machines for example)?
  • Futureproofing

What is the Maxus running efficiency?

The Maxus is suitable for both seasonal or constant load. The control panel automatically adjusts as incoming loads increase to ensure optimal performance. By working with the flow, the pumps on the tank reduce energy costs during off-peak seasons.

Ideal for:

  • Schools (opened 5 days/week and closed during holidays)
  • Hotels (busy during summers, closed during winters)
  • Housing estates (where the theoretical PE calculation might be higher than the actual load)

Does the Tricel Maxus allow for population extension / futureproofing?

Yes. Let’s take an example of a hotel with a requirement of 100 PE and futureproofing for 200 PE in a few years’ time.

In this case, we would do the following:

  • Settlement tank (1) and buffer tank (2) for 200 PE
  • Biological treatment zone (3) and clarifier (4) for 100 PE. The extra cost would be only for an additional 3+4 when required.

How does the Tricel Maxus work


Key Features

Proven SAF technology

The Tricel Maxus operates on Submerged Aerated Filter Technology (SAF).

Fast delivery

Swift back up and service

We are located in Ireland.

Versatile technology

Can adapt to different loadings or effluent strengths.

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