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Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant

Case study overview

December 2021

Oykel Bridge, Lairg

Project Type
Commercial – Hostel

Tricel solution
Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment plant (92PE)

Tricel Maxus in situ

The challenge


Located in Sutherland between Bonar Bridge and Lochinver, the Oykel Bridge Hotel offers guests an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the Scottish Highlands. The hotel reopened on April 26th 2021, after remaining closed for the remainder of 2020. The hotel was looking at upgrading its septic tank with a commercial wastewater treatment plant as part of its improvements and development.

As a non-departmental public body, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) ensures that the environment and human health are protected. Sustainable economic development in Scotland relies on the sustainable management of a range of natural resources and services. 

To minimize the risk of contamination of local waterways, the ammonia concentration for this application must reach a dilution level of 5 mg/l.

Why choose Tricel?


Moray Munro, the contractor, had already worked with Tricel on past projects and was satisfied with the solutions provided. Indeed, he had installed a domestic wastewater treatment plant through Highland Plumbing and Heating Supplies, a Merchant in Tain.

Tricel solution

How did Tricel help?

To meet the required treatment level, the Tricel Maxus commercial wastewater treatment system was chosen. It uses a Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) system with a control panel E-III which controls all electrical components of the plant. It is easy to install and comes with various configuration options that can be tailored to nearly any site. As well as being easy to use, it can also be easily maintained.

They are designed to handle wastewater exceeding 50 Population Equivalent (PE).

To ensure that the plant was designed and specified to meet the needs of the hotel, we sized a 92PE Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment plant system with a buffer tank to meet an ammonia level of 5mg/L.

During off-peak seasons, energy costs are also reduced because the pumps on the tank work with the flow. We have designed our wastewater treatment plants to handle seasonal loads and constant loads. The control panel will be optimized automatically according to the amount of incoming loads and effluent strength.

Maxus clarifier

During the treatment process, the bio sludge settles in the clarifier. The bio sludge from the bottom of the tank is recirculated back to the settlement tank by the airlift pumps. After the liquid has been treated, it can be discharged.

Maxus biological treatment zone

The submerged aerated filter (with a large surface area for microbes) aerates the wastewater as it passes through the biological treatment zone. Aeration is matched to the incoming flow using the control panel for efficient operation. Chemicals and maintenance are not necessary.


Read below feedback from Liz Williamson, Manager of the hotel.

“We are very happy with the product, and it seems to be working very well…”

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