Tricel Puraflo + Novo

Puraflo polishing filter installation in Kilcummin 

Case study overview

March 2022

Kilcummin (Co. Kerry)

Project Type
New build

Tricel solution
Suitable solution for the site at planning stage, Wastewater Treatment plant  with a Puraflo polishing filter 

Tricel Novo Wastewater Treatment Plant
Tricel Puraflo

Tricel solution

The project

Tricel was asked to build a Puraflo polishing filter in Kilcummin with a suitable solution for the site at the planning stage.

The Packaged System Filter treatment modules are ideal for secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment plant applications as filters.

Tricel Puraflo modules and Tricel Novo can be used together to filter effluent before it is dispersed into the ground. The level of treatment required at environmentally sensitive sites, such as water table protection areas, is often higher. This treatment will provide very high pathogen and nutrient reduction levels through the Tricel Puraflo modules.

Based on our experience, we selected a Tricel Novo 6 and a Tricel Puraflo modules for the wastewater treatment plants. Tricel Puraflo, a natural system that uses filtration to clean water without chemical additives, was connected to a wastewater treatment plant (Novo P6).

A Puraflo module is typically combined with an aerobic treatment unit as a secondary treatment tank. After secondary treatment, the effluent undergoes the third treatment, which uses very little power to achieve exceptional results.

How does it work?

A Puraflo module is pumped as necessary to capture liquid effluent. The Puraflo has a distribution grid at the top that distributes effluent evenly onto the media filter. By filtering liquid effluent through the modules, the Puraflo treats liquid effluent. Once treated liquid emerges from the Puraflo modules, it passes through a distribution box to the percolation area.

Puraflo polishing filter in Kilcummin
Puraflo polishing filter in Kilcummin

Puraflo polishing modules are a good choice for systems where the water flow varies, as they do not affect the treatment. It is suitable for principal residences and holidays homes. If you need to upgrade your septic system, please contact us, so we can discuss your specific needs and find a solution.

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