Wastewater treatment plants

Cost-effective Tricel Novo

With a Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant, you get a unique wastewater and sewage treatment system.

Wastewater treatment plants

Are you looking for a low-cost, high-quality Wastewater Treatment Plant?

Tricel Maxus underground buffer tank and overground treatment unit


Under EU regulations, all wastewater treatment plants must be tested in compliance with EN12566-3 CE Certification. Wastewater Treatment Tricel Novo plants provide a simple, cost-effective solution for high-quality wastewater treatment while ensuring compliance with these environmental protection regulations. Over the years, Tricel focused on industry-leading innovative solutions while becoming an expert in treatment plants in Europe. Our commercial customers include:

Our commercial customers include:

  • Creches
  • Guesthouses
  • Housing developments
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Small hotels
  • Sports and leisure centers

Wastewater treatment Tricel Novo: Key features & benefits

  • Compression moulded SMC tank. Components are manufactured under heat and high pressure and have unrivalled strength and durability over standard GRP or PE tanks.
  • SMC is unique in the wastewater treatment industry. With its innovation, Tricel SMC tanks have been operating in some of the harshest climatic conditions for over 50 years with no defects.
  • Tricel’s ceramic diffuser is unique in the domestic wastewater treatment plant market and will last twice as long as all standard competitors’ rubber equivalents.
  • No concrete backfill for installation on most sites, saving up to €400
  • There are no moving parts or pumps in the tank, ensuring reliable operation and minimal maintenance and repair costs.

Commercial customers will most likely reach out to us for our wastewater treatment systems because they cannot connect to the main drainage or because the main drainage itself has reached its capacity. With Tricel manufacturers, wastewater treatment systems are cost-effective and straightforward to install, ensuring effective wastewater treatment to the highest standards in the market today.

We manufacture systems in compliance with EN Standards, and the sizes are based on building occupancy. Standard EN approved systems range from population 6 to 50, and our production capacity extends beyond this range if you require a sizeable custom-designed system.SMC is unique in the wastewater treatment industry. With its innovation, Tricel SMC tanks have been operating in some of the harshest climatic conditions for over 50 years with no defects.

Warranties, Standards & Certification

The Tricel Environmental Waste Water Treatment Plants are fully tested and accredited to European standards for CE certification. PIA (Prüfinstitut für Abwassertechnik GmbH) is the leading Test Institute in Europe for wastewater technology.

Tricel Wastewater Treatment plants meet with EN12566-3 requirements which test both the quality of the components as well as the overall performance of the parts

Certification EN12566-3
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Tricel Novo IRE Warranty
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Tricel Novo works in three stages

Stage 1: the primary settlement chamber

In this chamber, the grease and the mud will be separated from the water. The grease will stay on the surface and the mud will go to the bottom of the tank.

Stage 2: the aeration chamber

In this compartment, the aerobic bacteria are going to digest the pollution from the wastewater.

Stage 3: final settlement chamber

In this final chamber, the mud residues are transferred to the primary chamber with an airlift system.


Interact with the Tricel Novo Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Click on the numbers to see the annotations.
  • You can also switch between the treatment process stages (yellow circle at the bottom left-hand corner) and the anatomy of the Novo (green circle at the bottom left-hand corner).
  • To view in Virtual Reality (VR), click the square at the top right-hand corner and simply scan the QR code with your phone.
  • To check the dimensions, click on the spanner icon.
  • To download an image of the Novo, click on the camera icon (top right-hand corner)


Finally, you can also visit THE LAB by Tricel to view the Novo in a Virtual Showroom, interact with 3D models, view images and product videos.

Stages of treatment – Tricel Novo

  1. Wastewater enters the plant
  2. Primary settlement chamber
  3. Aeration chamber
  4. Final settlement chamber
  5. Treated effluent exits the plant

Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant has an overall efficiency of 95.9% BOD removal.

Range of Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plants

Design PopulationIE6IE6+IE8IE10IE12IE18IE24IE30IE36IE42IE50
No of people1-62-62-83-104-126-188-2410-3012-3614-4216-50

For Wastewater Treatment Plants above 50 PE, please have a look at the Tricel Maxus range.

Dimensions of the Tricel Novo

Novo No of PeopleLenghtWidthHeightAir blower rating
1-62.1m1.64m2.24m60 watts
IE6+2-62.6m1.64m2.24m60 watts
IE82-82.6m1.64m2.24m80 watts
IE103-103.1m1.64m2.24m80 watts
IE124-123.6m1.64m2.27m100 watts
IE186-184.6m1.64m2.27m200 watts
IE248-246.6m1.64m2.27m200 watts
IE30Tank A10-302.6m1.64m1.99m
Tank B5.6m1.64m2.27m200 + 800 watts
IE36Tank A12-363.6m1.64m1.99m
Tank B5.6m1.64m2.27m200 + 800 watts
IE42Tank A14-425.6m1.64m2.27m
Tank B5.6m1.64m2.27m200 x 2 watts
IE50Tank A16-506.6m1.64m2.27m
Tank B6.6m1.64m2.27m200 + 120 + 80 watts

IE Gravity Outlet

Up to 6PE domestic gravity flow outlet.

Novo IE Gravity

IE Pumped Outlet

1-6 domestic pumped unit. Suitable for pumping to a raised discharge area (over).

Novo IE6 Pumped Outlet
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Examples of installations

Homeowners: individual domestic installation

Tricel Novo
The lightweight nature of the system makes for easy on-site delivery.
Tricel Novo
No need for big excavators and large holes that disrupt and disturb your garden.
Tricel Novo

Very low visual impact from fully installed units.

Delivery Wastewater treatment plant Tricel Novo

Another easy on-site delivery – Tricel Novo P6 Gravity tank

Delivery via ferry Wastewater treatment plant Tricel Novo

The Tricel Novo can also take the ferry easily, a P6 Gravity tank in Baltimore pier West Cork before being installed in Sherman Island

Larger projects: commercial installations up to 50 PE

Tricel Novo
These plants are suitable for installation at housing estates, camping sites, hotels etc., and have low maintenance and runing costs.
Tricel Novo
Each wastewater treatment plant is constructed of lightweight SMC and is easy to manoeuvre which simplifies the installation process.
Tricel Novo
Example of a fully installed 50 PE Novo wastewater treatment plant in a 5-star hotel.
Key Features
Tricel Novo

Reliable & long-lasting

SMC tank, strong & lightweight
Tricel Novo

Fast delivery

Manufactured in Ireland, short lead time
Tricel Novo


CE certification EN12566- 3

What is PE ?

PE represents the initials of Population Equivalent. Population equivalent: conversion value which aims at expressing non-domestic applications in terms of domestic loading based on 1 person creates 60 g/day BOD5 and 150l/day. (Code of Practice: Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses (p.e. < 10), EPA)

Tricel warranties

When used properly, the plant equipment and components are specifically designed or chosen to perform effectively in the Tricel facility. The guarantee is valid from the date of purchase. We offer a warranty on most of our products. You can find all the guarantees on our products and internal parts on our product pages.

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