Tricel Puraflo and Novo

Sand Polishing Filter in Listowel

Case study overview

March 2022​

Listowel, co Kerry

Project Type
Extension and refurbishment to an existing dwelling

Tricel solution
Sandcel Sand polishing filter and Sewage Treatment plant (Novo UK6).

Sandcel sand polishing filter
Tricel Novo Wastewater Treatment Plant

The project

The installation of a wastewater treatment plant with a sand polishing filter in Listowel. It’s an extension and refurbishment to an existing dwelling in the heritage market town of Listowel, Co. Kerry. The site assessor was also the contractor for the wastewater installation. According to Denis O’Connell (Civil Engineering), it was the only system that would work in the area due to poor ground conditions and a lack of space. Tricel provided the Novo wastewater treatment plant with a Sandcel Sand polishing filter.

Tricel solution

How we helped

Sandcel’s sand polishing filter is designed according to the EPA Code of Practice for tertiary treatment. These filters are the ideal solution for the treatment and disposal of effluent from a secondary treatment unit.

The Sandcel sand polishing filter provides a dual function by polishing wastewater effluent and disposing of treated liquid into groundwater. It is designed with an enclosed sand filter, which can be installed under or above ground, depending on the site conditions.

Installation steps

See below images of the steps involved in installing the Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter. The Sandcel Tertiary treatment system is composed of stratified layers of certified sands according to the EPA Code of Practice.

Base gravel & panels assembled & first Layer of Sand, Placed
First Layer of Pea Gravel, Placed
Second Layer of Sand, Placed
Second Layer of Pea Gravel, being placed
Final Layer of Sand, Placed

Install a gravel distribution layer and distribution pipework as a base layer inside the GRP panels. The pipework within the top pea-gravel layer distributes effluent evenly across the entire surface area of the filter media. The capping is made with gravel. Afterwards, we put a geotextile on top. Geotextile is rot-proof, irremovable, and permeable, making it ideal for separating materials that cannot mix while still allowing water to drain.

Base layer of gravel distribution layer and distribution pipework
Gravel capping layer

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