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Properly installed, operated and maintained plants will give many years of trouble free service.

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Troubleshooting your wastewater treatment plant


All plants are fitted with an alarm, and a buzzer will sound to alert of a fault in the air blower and discharge pump. The buzzer can be muted until the problem is fixed. Once fixed, the alarm will reset automatically and the mute switch must be turned on. All electrical work shall be carried out by a qualified person.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance of your product will ensure its longevity. Please see below the different elements that need to be checked regularly:The vent around the blower base. All vents should be checked to make sure they are not blocked or obstructed.

The vent under the desludging cover allows gas to escape and stops the tank from becoming pressurized.

Check if the air blower is working (listen to the “hum”) when you are standing by the plant.

The inlet and outlet should be checked to remove anything that would block the flow.

When do you need to check your wastewater treatment system? At least once per year. An annual maintenance will avoid any bad surprises on your system.

Troubleshooting plant operation

Blower/pump won’t start or run.

Blower operates but delivers no air.

Plant fills above the working water level.

Pump operates but delivers no water.

Blowers runs intermittently.

Pump runs intermittently .

The alarm is sounding, but the pump and blower are working.

Troubleshooting your wastewater treatment plant

Before taking any corrective action, always positively identify the real source of the odour. Check if the odour is coming from another outside source such as a storm drain. All wastewater disposal plants vent gases back through soil pipe and out roof vents. Improperly installed roof vents can cause odour problems. Traps/U-bends in drains prevent odours from entering the home. To function they must contain water and be sealed correctly.

Troubleshooting Novo

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Frequently asked questions


What is maintenance and servicing?

Part of the servicing can be directly done by yourself. However, the main part of the maintenance and servicing must be done by a professional.

Tricel offers an annual maintenance contract which is a full service every year to guarantee the efficiency of the system gets maintained. For the smooth running of the operation, service personal must get accommodated with unobstructed access to the tank.

Why is maintenance important?

In Ireland, there are approximately 500,000 wastewater treatment systems and most of them are septic tanks. Lack of tank desludging and maintenance of wastewater treatment system is an issue as this poses risks to health or environment.

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