Sand Polishing Filters

Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter

Sandcel is a sand polishing filter designed to “EPA Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Systems Serving Single Houses (p.e. ≤ 10) 2021” standards.

Sand Polishing Filters

Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter


Sandcel as a sand polishing filter provides a dual function of polishing the effluent from a wastewater treatment system and disposing of the treated liquid into groundwater.

It incorporates an enclosed sand filter, which can be installed under or overground at varying heights to suit all site conditions.

Sandcel filters can also be designed for larger applications by our inhouse team.

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How a Tricel Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter works

Sandcel sand polishing filters are designed to the EPA Code of Practice as tertiary treatment systems. These filters are the perfect solution for the treatment and disposal of effluent from a secondary treatment unit. The filters comprise of stratified layers of certified sands according to the EPA Code of Practice.

They are enclosed in GRP impermeable panels which will not rot or decay, ensuring the structure of the filter will hold for many years.

The filters can be installed above or below ground with all pipework accessible from a service pod.

Treatment efficiency:

Sandcel filters provide excellent polishing of treated effluent.

Sample testing of some sites where a Sandcel and Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant were in operation have shown final effluent quality of <1 mg/ltr BOD₅.

Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter

The advantages of the polishing filter

  • The system can be loaded at 60 l/m2 thus providing a much smaller footprint for the client.
  • Fully complies with planning regulations and council requirements
  • Eliminates the risk of substandard non-compliant installations
  • Ideal for smaller sites with restricted areas as it is discharged to a gravel base underneath the filter box
  • Full report provided for the client and council with all stages photographed and certification provided for components and final system
  • Maintenance schedules are available including the first year service free
  • All drawings and specs available for site assessors and planning authorities
  • Full technical back up provided

What is included with a Sandcel?

Whenever an existing wastewater treatment plant doesn’t perform at its best anymore or needs an upgrade, the Sandcel is always a great complementary solution. The sand polishing filter offers many advantages including an efficient disposing of the treated effluents into groundwater.

Before the launching of the project, it has to begin with a full site inspection and assessment monitored by the local authorities. Our product will then be designed based on your needs and requirements. It is made out of GRP panels following the EPA code of Practice.

Many layers of pea gravel and sand are used inside. The sand filter can be installed above or below ground.

CASE study

Sandcel installation

Why buy a Tricel Sandcel?

Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter installed in Kerry
  • Solid impermeable structure: the sandcel enclosure will not rot or decay like timber surrounds


  • Small footprint: only 16m2 area for a 6 person application eliminating the need for large percolation area.


  • Aesthetic finish: the filter can be covered with topsoil and planted with a lawn to blend into garden.


  • Long life components: certified sands and gravel used as the filter bed which will not break down over time.


  • Flexible design: under and overground applications possible.


  • Future: pipework accessible from service pod to future proof your system.


  • Engineered design: specifically designed pipework network to ensure equal distribution over the entire bed.


  • High performance: excellent treatment of effluent.


  • Legacy sites: ideal compact solution designed to the EPA CoP fulfilling most Local Authority requirements.


  • Quick installation: reduced on site labour costs.


  • Certification: certified components used.


  • Peace of mind: Tricel has earned an unrivaled reputation in the environmental field in over 20 countries worldwide.

Sandcel product range

Below are the sizes available in the Sandcel range.

Please note larger sizes are available upon request, please contact our sales team.

DetailsSandcel 900 Sandcel 1200 Sandcel 1500
Capacity (litres per day) 90012001500
Length (mm)400040006350
Width (mm)385050004000
Depth (mm)100010001000
Footprint (m2)15.4 (165.77 sq/ft)20 (215.28 sq/ft) 25.4 (269.10 sq/ft)
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Installation: Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter

Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter installation

Drawing of a Sandcel

Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter being installed

Sandcel during installation

Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter installed

Sandcel installed

To find out more about Tricel’s Sandcel, have a look at the Guide to Tricel Sandcel sand polishing filters.

Key Features
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Manufactured in Ireland, short lead time
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CE certification EN12566- 3, EN12566-1 and S.R.66

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