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Commercial Wastewater Treatment Wicklow

Case study overview

February 2022

Meadowfield Caravan Park, Brittas Bay, Co Wicklow

Project Type
Commercial wastewater treatment plant (caravan park)

Tricel solution
Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Wicklow February 2022

The challenge


About Meadowfield Caravan Park and Brittas Bay

Meadowfield Caravan Park is located in Brittas Bay, County Wicklow. This area is renowned for its sandy beaches and is a fantastic location for outdoor activities such as hiking and surfing. 

The challenges of the project

As the wastewater treatment plant was for a caravan park, it was essential to have a system allowing different flows throughout the year, during peak and quiet periods.

In addition, the customer was also looking for a system that would be economical with electricity usage, easy to maintain, and fit the budget. 

Finally, we had a limited time to have this system designed to have the smallest footprint possible, manufactured and fitted during the caravan park closed period of the year.

Tricel solution

How did Tricel help?

How we helped

This project was done in collaboration with Bluestream. Bluestream is an Irish-owned, family-run business with over 30 years of experience in wastewater treatment plants. 

Working with Bluestream and the customer, Tricel designed the whole system bespoke to suit their needs. We offered different layout designs to match the customer’s green family-orientated grounds. 

Part of the design was that all the electrics and components could be housed inside the Mars unit, without extra control panels and auxiliary units above ground beside the treatment system. 

We also explained clearly how this commercial wastewater treatment system works. 

Equipment supplied and installed 

To meet the requirements for the commercial wastewater treatment plant for this caravan site in Wicklow, we provided a Maxus 88M600 system, comprised of:  

  • 2x Fortis septic tanks of 10,800L (6 rings) as settlement tanks 
  • 1x combined settlement and buffer tank
  • 1x Mars 6000 treatment unit

Tricel Maxus utilizes highly effective (Submerged Aerated Filter) SAF technology to treat wastewater in 4 stages.

How does the Tricel Maxus work

Running efficiency

Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment is suitable for seasonal or constant loads. As incoming loads increase, the control panel automatically adjusts to ensure optimal performance.

In the buffer tank, the partially treated wastewater from the settlement tanks (1 above) (Fortis septic tanks) enters. 

Inside the buffer tank (2 above), there are two pumps whose role is to even out the flow, thanks to floats and a timer. Indeed, the floats inside the buffer tank send a signal to the control panel, and in turn, the control panel send a signal to the air blowers to ramp up or down based on actual flow. 

This way, the customer is saving on both pump and air blower running costs (electricity) and increasing their lifespan.

Following the buffer tank, the wastewater is pumped into the treatment plant​ (3 above) and clarifier (4 above).

Versatile technology which can adapt to different loadings or effluent strengths. 

With the Tricel Maxus, we can find suitable options for everything. Indeed, thanks to its flexible design, we can add more treatment zones and clarifiers to ensure the treated effluent meets the site requirements (such as low BOD, nitrogen, phosphorus or even E-coli). 

Read more about “How does the Tricel Maxus work?


Although we had a limited time to design to the smallest footprint possible and have it manufactured and installed during the closed period, we delivered. It was challenging, but it was accomplished. It took one week to finish for two Tricel Maxus wastewater treatments and one Tricel Mars unit to be installed, including commissioning by Tricel.

The customer is delighted with the system; the Tricel Maxus wastewater treatment and Mars units leave a small footprint in the grass where they were installed, which is ideal for families. Also, it is extremely quiet compared to the previous system, which made a lot of noise and disturbed families.

We would like to thank all at Tricel for all help and support we received from beginning to end. What was a very confusing project for us was made simple and seamless, thank you

If you are looking for sewage treatment plants for holiday parks, caravan parks and campsites, contact us. We can work together to deliver a bespoke system to meet your requirements.

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