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As the wastewater collected comes from toilets, showers, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, etc., one can find a number of different pollutants contained within.

wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment size



For this reason, in cases where the domestic wastewater treatment system is not designed correctly or appropriately operated, the effluent can pollute the local environment. Such issues result in damaged wells or water sources and cause problems for public health.
Wastewater treatment size

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How to determine the size of your wastewater treatment ?

To calculate the size of individual sanitation. We will use a common metric. In Ireland, this metric is the equivalent population count

What is Population Equivalent or PE ? According to the definition of the OECD “Population equivalent (in waste-water monitoring and treatment) refers to the amount of oxygen—demanding substances whose oxygen consumption during biodegradation equals the average oxygen demand of the wastewater produced by one person”. In order to calculate we assume that one unit equals 60 grams of BOD per 24 hours.

CASE study

Tricel Novo

How to calculate the population equivalent ?

The population equivalent is going to be calculated with the number of bedrooms in the house. This calculation is from the  Code of Practice: Waste Water Treatment and Disposal Systems serving Single Houses for all installations inferior to 10 PE. The table below is going to summarize the calculation.

Number of bedroomsPopulation equivalent

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any information about the calculations.

How to pick the right wastewater treatment system ? In order to pick the right product please follow the table below.
Please remember this table is here to help you determine the right size . Please contact a technician and follow the local regulations.

Size in PETricel NovoTricel VitaeTricel Vento
1-6IE6 or IE6+UK 6Vento 6
7-10IE8 or IE10UK 9Vento 12
11-12IE12UK 12Vento 12
13-18IE18UK 15Vento 20
18-24IE24UK 20Vento 20

For any further information about the wastewater treatment plants Tricel Novo & Vitae and the septic tank Tricel vento contact our technician team or the dedicated pages.

Why it’s important to determine the size of your sanitation Determining the size of your installation is essential. You probably think that any tank will do the trick. What is any sanitation product to suit your home? It’s wrong. To have sanitation standards, you need to have a powerful product, and a suitable size. What is the problem if my installation is not the right size? We will together look at the two possibilities below:

if your product is undersized: if you choose an under-sized product, you may not get sufficient sanitizer quality. In fact, the wastewater must remain in the tank for a given period. If the product is too small, the amount of wastewater will increase, which will shorten the settling time, and reduce the quality of the water. This could also have negative consequences on the secondary sludge.

If your product is oversized: you think that having a larger product can reduce the number of desludging? you are right, but, too oversized its product, can also have negative consequences. Indeed, if the size is too large, the treatment quality will drop because there will not be enough wastewater supply for the treatment processes. The number of bacteria will not be enough to properly treat wastewater and have a sufficient effluent quality. (this is true only for wastewater treatment plants. For septic tanks, too big is not a problem).

You understand, determining the size of your product is an important step. For any request about a sewage treatment plant, contact your Tricel technician.


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Wastewater treatment size

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Wastewater treatment size

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Wastewater treatment size

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