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What is a Tricel Novo and how does it work?

Tricel Novo Wastewater Treatment Plant


The Tricel Novo is a unique wastewater treatment plant as it combines a number of technological features such as a fixed bed technology and a three-stage purification process, which have proven to be the most efficient on the market. The chambers are dimensioned around the customer’s needs, with each step of the water treatment having its own area in the plant. The Tricel Novo plants provide a simple, cost-effective solution for high-quality wastewater treatment while ensuring compliance with environmental protection regulations. We cover a range of projects from 1 to 50 PE, for both household and commercial use. Have a look at the treatment process below.

Stage 1: The Primary Settlement Chamber

The effluent enters the primary settlement chamber. Settlement then occurs when the heavier solids drop out of the wastewater and settle at the bottom of the tank, creating sludge. The lighter solids float at the top of the water and create a scum. This top layer acts as a seal to stop odours from escaping. The chamber separates up to 70% of the solids.

Stage 2: The Aeration Chamber

Inside the aeration chamber, masses of naturally occurring bacteria inhabit specially designed plastic filter media. The bacteria feed on the waste, removing it from the liquid. A continuous air supply from low pressure, high volume compressor in the top section of the unit sustains the bacteria. The wastewater passes through the filter media over and over, ensuring a very high treatment efficiency

Stage 3: Final Settlement Chamber

Any remaining minute bacterial particles separate from the liquid within this chamber before discharge from the plant. The process slows the velocity of the liquid, allowing for any final trace impurities to settle to the bottom of the tank section. A sludge return system then returns these impurities back to the primary settlement chamber. The remaining treated liquid now meets the required standard and is safely passed out of the Tricel Novo plant system. The treated effluent is now ready for discharge to a suitably designed discharge area as required by the relevant local authority.

Find out more about the Tricel Novo here.

Tricel Novo maintenance

It is important that you look after and maintain your Novo. Have a look at Novo troubleshooting and do’s and don’ts below.

Regular Maintenance by Homeowner

  1. The vent around the base of the blower housing guarantees a fresh supply of air to the air blower. All vents should be checked to make sure they are not blocked or obscured.
  2. The vent under the desludging cover allows gas to escape and stops the tank from becoming pressurized.
  3. Ensure the air blowers are working by listening for a gentle hum when standing beside the plant.
  4. The inlet and outlet should be inspected and rodded to remove any blockages if necessary.

Annual Maintenance by Tricel

The Tricel Novo will require a full service (available from your supplier) every year to guarantee the efficiency of the plant gets maintained. Service personnel must get accommodated with unobstructed access to the tank.

The checks performed

The air-diffuser is monitored to check for sufficient dispersion of air.

The sludge return system is functioning correctly.

The cover and locks are in place and good condition.

General appearance and condition of the treatment plant are good.

The condition of the media is inspected.

The system is inspected for any apparent non-wastewater infiltration into any compartment (at the time of inspection).

The effluent filter in the septic tank is checked and cleared of any blockages if required (only applies to a secondary system).

General appearance and condition of the treatment system and the surrounding ground area are good.


Test the blower.

Replace the blower filter.

Test the plant alarm.

Test the pump and float-switch (If applicable).

Clear the vents of any blockages.

The sludge level in the primary chamber is measured.

The diffuser manifold is adjusted if required (If applicable).

Annual Maintenance Visit

The maintenance of your Tricel wastewater treatment system is essential, and we do provide maintenance for commercial wastewater treatment plants as well as domestic wastewater treatment plants.

Have a deeper look at the process of a maintenance visit.

Commercial wastewater treatment plant - Killorglin, Co. Kerry

Maintenance visit at the Ard Na Sidhe Country House in Killorglin, Co. Kerry (Commercial wastewater treatment plant)

The hotel installed a Tricel Novo 50 PE with a pump eight years ago. Tricel Novo provides a simple, cost-effective solution for high-quality wastewater treatment.
As usual, they contacted Tricel office for their annual maintenance visit this year.

During the annual maintenance visit, the technician checks the three chambers of the Tricel Novo (the primary settlement chamber, the aeration chamber and the final settlement chamber).

He tests the air diffuser and monitors the dispersion of air. If he notices anything wrong with the treatment plant, he informs the owner about any corrective actions he will take. He replaces the blower filter and tests the alarm of the plant. In the present case, one of the three air blowers was dysfunctioning after eight years of effective service, and the technician replaced it in a quick operation.

Then the technician makes sure the sludge return system is working well, measures the sludge level in the primary chamber and tests the pump and the float switch when applicable. He also ensures that the covers and locks are correctly placed and in good condition. He inspects for any apparent non-wastewater infiltration into the Tricel Novo and for any blockages of the effluent filter in the compartments. The technician controls the Tricel Novo plant’s general appearance and inspects the media’s condition. Finally, he clears the vent of any occlusive element.

Please note that you must call a technician if you notice any unusual noise from your Tricel Novo Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Maintenance visit at a propriety in Listowel, Co. Kerry. (Domestic wastewater treatment plant)
The owner was recommended to have a Tricel Novo 6 PE with a pump to have high-quality wastewater treatment and ensure compliance with environmental protection regulations for his house and its extension. The Tricel Novo was installed in May 2022 by Kieron McCarthy.
The owner of the Tricel Novo called Tricel for his first annual maintenance visit.
The technician checked the general appearance of the Tricel Novo. He ensured the wastewater treatment plant system was running well. He also inspected all the different parts of the wastewater treatment plant, including the air blower, the blower filter, the sludge return system, and the sludge level. The Tricel Novo was equipped with a pump; the technician ensured the pump and the float switch were working correctly. He inspected the covers and locks and cleared them of any blockages.
The next annual maintenance visit will be next year.
However, our technicians remain available to answer any owner’s questions and intervene if necessary.
Maintenance visit at a propriety in Ballysimon, co. Limerick . (Domestic wastewater treatment plant)

The owner installed a Tricel Novo 6 PE with a pump three years ago. Wastewater Treatment Tricel Novo plants ensure compliance with these environmental protection regulations while providing a simple, cost-effective solution.

Pumped outlets are typically not required for wastewater treatment systems because gravity is used to discharge wastewater from the house. Some cases, however, result in wastewater being unable to flow from the home. For example, if there is a level difference between the effluent discharge and the treatment system. In this case, the installation of a pumped outlet is essential. All Tricel Novo are available with a pumped outlet option. The pump gets housed in the final settlement chamber of the plant.

After the Tricel Novo, a secondary treatment plant was installed. Environmentally sensitive sites, such as water table protection areas, often require a higher level of treatment.

During the annual maintenance visit, the technician checks the three chambers of the Tricel Novo (the primary settlement chamber, the aeration chamber and the final settlement chamber). He tests the air diffuser and monitors the dispersion of air. If he notices anything wrong with the treatment plant, he informs the owner about any corrective actions he will take. He replaces the blower filter and tests the alarm of the plant.

The technician replaced the filter and the green cover (which was damaged).

Maintenance visit Ballysimon, co. Limerick cover change
Maintenance visit Ballysimon, co. Limerick first chamber
Maintenance visit Ballysimon, co. Limerick filter change
Maintenance visit Ballysimon, co. Limerick

Any questions regarding the Tricel Novo maintenance?

Interact with the Tricel Novo Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Click on the numbers to see the annotations.
  • You can also switch between the treatment process stages (yellow circle at the bottom left-hand corner) and the anatomy of the Novo (green circle at the bottom left-hand corner).
  • To view in Virtual Reality (VR), click the square at the top right-hand corner and simply scan the QR code with your phone.
  • To check the dimensions, click on the spanner icon.
  • To download an image of the Novo, click on the camera icon (top right-hand corner)


Finally, you can also visit THE LAB by Tricel to view the Novo in a Virtual Showroom, interact with 3D models, view images and product videos.

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Frequently asked questions


What is maintenance and servicing?

Part of the servicing can be directly done by yourself. However, the main part of the maintenance and servicing must be done by a professional.

Tricel offers an annual maintenance contract which is a full service every year to guarantee the efficiency of the system gets maintained. For the smooth running of the operation, service personal must get accommodated with unobstructed access to the tank.

Tricel warranties

When used properly, the plant equipment and components are specifically designed or chosen to perform effectively in the Tricel facility. The guarantee is valid from the date of purchase. We offer a warranty on most of our products. You can find all the guarantees on our products and internal parts on our product pages.

Is the plant noisy?

There is a slight “hum” from the air compressor when standing close to the plant. When installed correctly, the noise level will not be a nuisance.

Will the plant smell?

There should be no strong odour in the area adjacent to the plant. The presence of a strong odour would indicate that the plant is not working efficiently.

Ventilation must be in place this guarantees a fresh supply of air to the air blower. All vents should be checked to ensure they are not blocked or obscured. Also, investigate if the air blower is still “humming” if not, then this may be causing the issue of replacing the blower as soon as possible to resume the treatment process

What happens if I get a power cut?

The plant should not be affected by a temporary power outage. After a power cut, checking the plant to ensure it has restarted is essential. It may have an alarm after powering on, but it will fix itself after a few minutes.

In situations where gravity drainage cannot be used, pumped options are available The power outage shouldn’t last too long when you have pump options as power is required to remove the treated liquid. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

How often do I need to empty my sewage treatment plant?

De-sludging is necessary when the sludge occupies 50% of the primary chamber. This is when the sludge is 700mm deep. A licensed company should perform de-sludging intervals every year to prevent sludge buildup. Local councils should have a list of licensed contractors. De-sludging is the responsibility of the homeowner.

For more information, please refer to the 2021 Code of practice Section 12.2.

Do I need to fill in the Novo after desludging?

After emptying (desludging) a Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant, the primary settlement chamber (1 on the illustration below) must be filled back with water immediately until level with the aeration chamber. During desludging, only the sludge is removed (No 1 below) and end chambers (No 2 and 3 below) must be left full. Ensure the desludging cover on top is repositioned to the unit.

How does a wastewater treatment plant work

How often should I have my wastewate treatment plant serviced

Full service should be performed once a year on your Tricel Novo. A suitably trained professional should carry out every service and guarantee the plant’s efficiency is maintained.

Why is the alarm on my Tricel Novo beeping?

If the alarm is beeping, it may indicate one of the following:

  • The air return pipe to the alarm is not returning an air signal.
  • Electrical fault.
  • The electrical panel is wet.
  • The compressor does not detect enough back pressure from the diffuser (for example, there is not enough water in the middle chamber, or there is damage to the air hose or fitting)
  • The compressor needs maintenance.
  • In all cases, you should call our office or one of our recommended maintenance -companies.

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