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At Tricel, we are regularly asked by homeowners if there are septic tank grants available to upgrade their existing installation to a new wastewater treatment plant. Talk to us today about your specific project and we can advise if you are eligible for the Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems Scheme grant.

Septic tanks

What are the Septic Tank Grants Available in Ireland?



In 2013 the EPA launched it’s National Inspection Plan, with the goal of inspecting domestic wastewater treatment systems (better known as septic tanks) throughout Ireland. Grants are available to upgrade septic tank systems that would be likely to fail the inspection.

Currently, in Ireland, one septic tank grant is available for the repairs or upgrades of your system:

  • Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (DWWTS) Scheme.


Septic tank grants

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Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (DWWTS) Scheme

What are Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (DWWTS)?


Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (DWWTS) includes septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems.

Who awards the DWWTS grant?

The responsibility for the provision of funding for the DWWTS scheme grant lies with the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (DHPLG). Additionally, under the Rural Water Programme, the local authorities will administer the grant scheme.

Who can apply for a  DWWTS grant?

This DWWTS grant is available to help homeowners with the cost of repairs, upgrades or replacement of their domestic wastewater treatment system. The grant will only be issued following an inspection from an approved and appointed Environmental Protection Agency inspector and also upon receipt of an Advisory Notice by the local authority. Check out our dedicated table regarding the different types of grants.



Requirements to benefit from septic tank grants – DWWTS scheme

The septic tanks grant scheme for domestic wastewater treatment systems is not a universal scheme. Indeed, to benefit from a grant, the following conditions apply:

Non-qualifying work

Costs of maintenance, servicing and de-sludging your wastewater treatment system are outside the scope of the septic tank grants scheme.

Insurance: If an insurance payment is used for works to a property, the total qualifying cost will be reduced by the amount received from an insurance company payment.

Supporting documentation

The grant applicant must submit supporting documentation, including evidence of:

  • Itemised receipts from each contractor linked to remediation works.
  • Copy of the contractor’s current tax clearance certificate issued to the contractor by the Revenue Commissioners.

Processing of application

You should submit your septic tank grant request to your local authority. 

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Septic Tank Grants Available in Ireland


Septic Tank Grants Available in Ireland

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Septic Tank Grants Available in Ireland


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