Wastewater treatment systems

Is my wastewater treatment system a Tricel one?

When buying a house with a wastewater treatment system already installed, you may not know what is the manufacturer or brand of this system?

We will help you to identify if it’s a Tricel one.

Sewage treatment solutions

Tricel wastewater treatment systems installed


Your house is provided with an independent wastewater treatment system, that was installed before your arrival?

In order to ensure a proper operation and maintenance of your sewage treatment device, you may identify the manufacturer of it.

At Tricel we provide different systems:

  • Wastewater treatment plant: Tricel Novo
  • Septic tank: Tricel Vento
  • Packaged filter systems: Puraflo
  • Sand polishing filters: Sandcel

We will go through installed pictures of each one of our solutions.

Tricel Maxus underground buffer tank and overground treatment unit
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Tricel Novo, wastewater treatment plant installed

The Tricel Novo, our treatment plant, provides a high-quality wastewater treatment while ensuring compliance with the environmental protection and EU regulations: EN12566-3 CE Certification.

This system is simple and cost-effective, it can be easily installed as they don’t require a lot of space in your garden.

How can you identify if your wastewater treatment system is a Tricel Novo?

At Tricel we try to be as green as possible, this gives you the first clue. The Tricel Novo is totally underground except for the air blower, which will be off the ground (if it’s not remote or deported).

If your wastewater treatment plant is a Tricel Novo you should see a green lid above ground as you can see in the pictures below.

Tricel Novo - wastewater treatment plant not installed

The Tricel Novo before installation. Easy on-site delivery allowed thanks to its lightweight.

Installation of a Tricel Novo Tricel Novo - wastewater treatment plant

No need for big excavators and large holes that disrupt and disturb your garden.

Tricel Novo - wastewater treatment plant installed

Very low visual impact from fully installed units with just the green lid above the ground.


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Tricel Vento, septic tank installed

The Tricel Vento, our septic tank, is able to hold wastewater for an adequate amount of time for the solids to drop to the bottom to form sludge and the lighter material to rise to the top of the liquid to form a scum. Other treatment systems such as filters can be added to it.

Tricel septic tanks meet EN12566-1 requirements, which test both the quality of the components and the overall performance of the septic tank.

The septic tank will be installed totally underground, you will just be able to see above ground two little lid circles which allow desludging.

Tricel Vento - wastewater treatment system - not installed

Lightweight and easy to handle

Tricel Vento with risers - wastewater treatment system - not installed

Tricel Vento with risers

Tricel Vento - wastewater treatment system - installed

Tricel Vento installed

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Tricel Puraflo, packaged filter installed

The Tricel Puraflo, our packaged filter, is ideal for secondary treatment following a septic tank and tertiary treatment following a wastewater treatment plant.

This filter is made with coconut fibre, a mixture of biological, chemical, and physical processes to treat the effluent as it filters through the fibre media. The treated effluent flows from the Puraflo modules and disperses itself into the ground through a percolation area.

Once installed, you will be able to see the Puraflo lid, usually as high as the ground, it will depend on your land. As you can see in the last picture below, it’s a dark green lid.

Puraflo not installed

Puraflo before installation

Puraflo installed

Tricel Puraflo installed

Tricel Sandcel, sand polishing filter installed

The Tricel Sandcel, our sand polishing filter, is designed to the EPA Code of Practice as a tertiary treatment system. The filters consist of stratified layers of certified sands which provides a dual function of polishing the effluent from a wastewater treatment system and disposing of the treated liquid into groundwater.

Those sand filters are enclosed in GRP impermeable panels which will not rot or decay, ensuring the structure of the filter will hold for many years. It has a small footprint: only 16m2 area for a 6-person application, eliminating the need for a large percolation area.

Tricel Sandcel can be installed under or overground at varying heights to suit all site conditions, with all pipework accessible from a service pod, as you can see in the pictures below.

Sandcel not installed

Sandcel before installation

Sandcel installed above ground

Sandcel installed above ground

Sandcel installed underground

Tricel Sandcel installed underground

Key Features

Tricel Novo

Reliable & long-lasting

Cost-efficient and trustworthy product

Tricel Novo

Fast delivery

Manufactured in Ireland, short lead time

Tricel Novo


CE certification EN12566- 3, EN12566-1 and S.R.66

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