Wastewater treatment plants
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If you have a house that is not connected to the sewage system, you must have an individual installation or domestic sanitation for the waste water treatment.

Wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater treatment advice

The environmental protection agency listed all the requirements you need to follow in order to be compliant.

This concerns as well all the waste water treatment systems for small communities, business, leisure centres et hotels.

Tricel Maxus Commercial Wastewater Treatment Unit
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Sizing a Wastewater treatment advice

In order to calculate the proper size for your sewage treatment installation, we will use the Population Equivalent metric.

This metric is calculated with the number of bedrooms in your house.

Wastewater treatment advice Please find below the table: 

Number of bedroomsPopulation equivalent

Wastewater treatment advice – What are the treatment levels

Primary treatment:The primary treatment stage of treatment removes material that will either float or readily settle out by gravity. This is particularly the case of sludge, which dives due to gravity, and the grease that will retain its surface.


Secondary Treatment: The secondary treatment stage of treatment by biological processes, such as activated sludge or other (even non-biological) processes giving equivalent results. 


Tertiary treatment: Tertiary treatment additional treatment processes which result in further purification than that obtained by applying the primary and secondary treatment. This is the last treatment, it is applied, if for special cases, additional treatment is necessary

​Tricel products

Tricel offers a wide range of sanitation products. Moving from a septic tank to a wastewater treatment plant. We have a set of products, ideal for any domestic sewage need. Please see below for a list of our available products, with the corresponding sizes.

Size in PETricel NovoTricel VitaeTricel Vento
1-6IE6 or IE6+UK 6Vento 6
7-10IE8 or IE10UK 9Vento 12
11-12IE12UK 12Vento 12
13-18IE18UK 15Vento 20
18-24IE24UK 20Vento 20

We also have products available for secondary and tertiary treatment. This is the case of the Tricel Puraflo and the Sandcel sand filter. Once again, for any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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You need the help of a technician for your project ?

The process of getting a sewage treatment system

To obtain a free quote from our website, simply fill out one of the contact forms on tricel.ie, for example on the Tricel contact form page. Your request will then be dispatched and processed as soon as possible by one of our local technicians.

Once the request is received, our local technician will take care of your file. To answer your request as best as possible, he will contact you quickly. Why?

To detail your project
To qualify the urgency of your sanitation project.
Depending on the data collected by our technician it will be able to make a complete analysis of your project. This will allow you to gain visibility on the project and will provide the most appropriate services & products.

The visit of our local technician is essential in case of complex projects and if you also want an estimate with earthwork. Indeed, each project is unique, the problems also. Thus, in order to precisely define the total price, our technician will make a free visit to give you a fixed price.

This visit will also be an opportunity for you to meet the local partner of Tricel. A technician who will accompany you throughout your project and will maintain the maintenance of your installation.

Once all the information obtained by our technician, it will be able to realize a unique, personalized estimate. Attention this estimate is only valid for a fixed term.

Afterwards, if you decide to buy a Tricel product, you will be able to refer directly to the local Tricel technician. In order to find out who your local technician is, you can consult our dedicated map.

What is domestic wastewater?

Domestic wastewater refers to all wastewater generated within the home, including waste from sinks, showers, baths, and toilets. The rainwater does not qualify as grey water, so it should be disposed of in a soakaway.

How long does it take for the plant to start working?

Optimal purification may take up to 16 weeks for the biomass to become fully established.

Maintenance on the wastewater treatment systems

Tricel recommends that you maintain your device to the fullest. You are obliged by law to avoid all types of pollution or nuisances. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our service contracts. An annual maintenance contract may be offered.

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Key Features
Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter

Reliable & long-lasting

SMC tank, strong & lightweight
Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter

Fast delivery

Manufactured in Ireland, short lead time
Sandcel Sand Polishing Filter


CE certification EN12566- 3, EN12566-1 and S.R.66

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