Novo wastewater treament plant

Sewage treatment plant installation

Case study overview

August 2016

Whitecross in County Armagh

Project Type

Tricel solution
New domestic sewage treatment plant installation and consent to discharge.
Tricel & Depawater provides Novo UK6 sewage treatment plant for new self-build project in Co Armagh.

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Tricel Novo

The challenge

Selfbuild project

In August 2016, Tricel’s distributor in Northern Ireland, Depawater Environmental Solutions, were contacted by a customer constructing a new self-build property in the small village of Whitecross in County Armagh.  As is the case with many houses in Northern Ireland, this new house was not in a position to be connected to the mains/sewer. Therefore, a domestic sewage treatment plant installation was necessary.

In order to install any new septic tank or sewage treatment plant in Northern Ireland, three items are mandatory:

  1. A planning permission, to be obtained by the homeowner.
  2. A building control approval to be obtained by the homeowner.
  3. A consent to discharge form (W02) from the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency (NIEA).

Depawater can help you to fill in & submit the consent to discharge

The consent to discharge approval form is a critical element of the construction process. Although relatively simple to complete, a consent to discharge can be daunting to fill in by a person with limited knowledge of the subject. In this particular case, the homeowner was not sure how to submit their consent to discharge application and required guidance.

Tricel solution

How we helped

Following a phone conversation with Tricel’s distributor in Northern Ireland, Depawater agreed upon a date for a site visit. During this site visit, we carried out a percolation test (V/P) as well as filled in the consent to discharge application on the customer’s behalf.

After the site visit, Depawater was in a position to recommend and quote the for best sewage treatment plant installation for the site conditions: a Tricel Novo UK6, gravity (no pump required) sewage treatment plant.

Tricel Novo UK6 sewage treatment plant is recognised and approved by the NIEA, certified to EN12566-3, easy to install and best value for money.

Following the standard eight weeks for the processing of the application, the consent to discharge application received approval by the NIEA. Depawater was then in a position to carry out the sewage treatment plant installation to the NIEA agreed specifications.

Depawater installation Novo UK6
Tricel Novo UK6 installed

The final result

From start to finish, it took two days to complete the sewage treatment plant installation, including a suitably sized soakaway (drainage-field) to meet the environment agency standards.

The complete installation included:

  • Excavation
  • Preparation
  • Installation of the tank
  • Connection of the tank to the pipework
  • Electrical supply connection
  • Commissioning of the tank

One week after receiving the go-ahead from the NIEA (consent to discharge being granted), the sewage treatment plant installation was commissioned and ready for use, leaving the homeowner able to get on with the rest of his self-build hassle free.

If you are in the process of building or renovating your house and require a domestic sewage treatment plant to be installed or a septic tank to be upgraded, contact us for a site visit or a quote and don’t hesitate to ask if you require assistance or guidance in filling in the consent to discharge form.

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