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Exclusive Partners of TotalEnergies in Ireland


Through Finol Oils, Tricel has over 40 years experience within the lubricants industry. The company exclusively distributes TotalEnergies lubricants throughout Ireland. TotalEnergies is the 5th largest oil company in the world, renowned for its innovative, premium product ranges.

These products cover a broad range of industries including automotive, agricultural, marine, aviation and fleet. Tricel also provides a select offering of maintenance products including Actioil and lubrication equipment such as storage tanks and application equipment.

For further information regarding any of the lubrication range of products on offer please see below for further information.

Our Range of Lubricants Include


Finol delivers modern, innovative and high-performance lubricants for the automotive industry, including the world-renowned TotalEnergies Quartz and Elf Evolution ranges of engine oils.

These engine oils are unrivalled in their outstanding performance and excellent engine protection and are committed to developing lubricants that meet the needs of the future.

We have also introduced the Petro-Canada Supreme high-quality PCMO engine oils range, formulated using high-performance additive systems that ensure your vehicle performs at the highest levels. We also supply a vast range of coolants and antifreeze, as well as a selection of leading gear oils and brake fluids.



Finol provides an extensive collection of high technology lubricant brands dedicated to the agricultural sector, including TotalEnergies, Finol and Petro-Canada. We supply a comprehensive offering of approved TotalEnergies lubricants including the Tractagri range of engine oils, the Dynatrans transmissions range, the Multagri multi-functional range, hydraulic system and special application lubricants.


Commercial and Fleet

Finol offers a complete collection of engine oils, transmission oils, greases, hydraulic systems, coolants and antifreeze for fleet/transport vehicles. Premium products such as the TotalEnergies Rubia Tir and Optima range of manufacturer-approved engine oil that comply fully with ACEA, API and JASO specifications, as well as the latest environmental demands of modern generation diesel engines. We have also introduced the PetroCanada Duron range of high-performance engine oils, designed to provide exceptional protection when you need it most.


Other Services

Which Oil?

Not sure which is required in your vehicle? Our app makes it easy to choose exactly what oil your vehicle or machinery requires

NERO Tank Managment

Using the latest technology, NERO gives you a 360 ° view of your tank, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Tailored notifications will ensure you Never Run Out!

Fuel Economy Calculator

Find out how much you can save your business today by switching to Totals range of fuel economy lubricants and help to potentially reduce your fuel bill.

Who are Finol?

Finol Oils is the leading supplier of premium, high-performance lubricants and services within the Irish market. Headquartered in Dublin, we are the exclusive partner of TotalEnergies, Elf and Petro-Canada, supplying highly specialised, technical and proven products for the Automotive, Commercial, Construction, Agricultural, Marine and Industrial markets.

2018 saw Finol acquire Montrose Oil, the leading supplier of Top branded lubricants in Ireland. The move provided Finol with more than just strategic growth and an increased market share, but also the addition of a highly skilled and experienced team of industry professionals. Further to this is the benefit of a more significant assortment of leading premium products for our customers.

Today, we provide an unprecedented selection of world-renowned lubricant products. Our commitment to the Irish market and our clients is reflected clearly in the continued strategic expansion of both our business and our offering of high-quality, tailored and industry-specific lubricant solutions.

With over 40 years of industry experience, our scope of knowledge allows us to deliver a range of leading products and services that are unrivalled within the Irish market. This expertise ensures that we consistently provide both quality and reliability to all of our customers and clients, no matter their needs or area of operation. At Finol, we take pride in providing the latest in technically superior products.

For any further information or queries regarding specific requirements, please contact Finol today to learn more about our extensive range of innovative and market-leading lubricant solutions.

Why Choose Finol?

The Leading Supplier of OEM Approved Lubricants in Ireland


At Finol, our goal is to exceed the highest quality standards in each of our business processes. While prpromoting these products with an experienced team of technical specialists, we are proud to provide fully OEM-approved products. Our service is tailored to meet the requirements of our customers and we are accessible for any help or help required

  • Experience: We have over 40 years of experience in both the marketing and distribution of lubricant  products throughout the Republic of Ireland.
  • OEM Approved Products: As the authorised partner of Total Lubricants in Ireland, our vast range of products contain approvals from many of the leading worlwide brands such as our partners Kia, Citroen and Peugeot.
  • Technical Team: Our specialised team of technical experts constantly keep up to date with product developments and specifications and contain an industry knowledge that is unrivalled.

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