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Find out about the many lubricant services Provided by Finol Oils.

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For over 40 years Finol Oils has been the leading supplier of lubricants to the Irish market. With a wide array of OEM approved products for industries including automotive, agriculture and commercial we position ourselves as “technically unbeatable”. 

In conjunction with this value, our aim is to not only supply our customers with market leading products, but also services that surpass expectations.

Downtime costs your business money and every moment your vehicle or machine is out of action is revenue lost.

Below, you will find a number of the key services that Finol offer, to ensure that you not only get the best lubricant care, but services that will help protect your business. For further enquiries, please contact us on the form below.


Bulk Oil Services

Bulk Oil Delivery

Fill your tank with the wide array of products that are available from our Dublin depot. We provide a free next day delivery service in Dublin and a 3 day service for our nationwide customers. All of our lubricant deliveries are provided by our own specially equipped fleet

Vehicle Tracking

All our vehicles are equipped in the latest, state of the art technology including vehicle tracking hardware, ensuring that we know when and where you delivery is and when it is estimated to arrive at your site.

Site and Delivery Times



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Technical Support

We’re Here to Help

Technical Support

With over 40 years experience within the lubricants industry, our team has developed a depth of technical knowledge that is unrivalled. This expertise ensures that we can answer the most obsure questions with both speed and reliability to all of our customers. 

We also provide the most technologically advanced lubricant advisor in Ireland with Which Oil? Through months of customer research and collaborative work we have developed a system that is not only easy to use, but will also provide essential information to users in real-time.



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Oil Analysis

Independent Oil Analysis

The benefits of oil analysis are felt throughout all industries that operate mechanical equipment. It began in research laboratories as a technique to establish how oils deteriorated under operating conditions to improve development. Many different tests have been developed and standardised, increasing accuracy and precision in the results.  These results can then be used to figure out what may be going on inside the engine without even lifting a tool.

In Ireland, the Irish distributors for Total Lubricants, Finol Oils offer Independent Oil Analysis as one of their services, allowing you to ensure that your machinery and oil are performing at optimum levels.

ANAC Diagnosis

Based in France, ANAC is an innovative tool designed to predict and diagnose anomolies in the production chain. Bringing together the results of a million various samples over several years. Perfroming the same function as a general oil analysis, ANAC has the added advantage of identifying how your equipment is performing compared to similar equipment. Contact the Finol technical team today to find out more about this innovative system.


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Tank Inspection

Tank inspections are an essential part of lubricant storage to ensure your product is kept in the right environment. The

Tank Inspection

good news is that this is not as difficult as it may seem. If you feel that your tank could be contaminated or contain water, organise a visit today with one of our highly experienced technical team who can analyse your tank and provide you with an effective solution if required.




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