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Tricel has designed, developed and manufacture high-quality electric meter boxes for more than 40 years. Therefore, Tricel acquired the experience and the perfect technology for the electrical meter boxes.

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Our GRP electric meter boxes are incredibly strong, weather resistant, lightweight & highly durable. Thanks to their material, these units are fire retardant and easy to paint and clean. As a plastic material, it also has good electrical insulation properties.

In conclusion, Tricel deals with the best material to offer you the best quality available on the market. Our products are manufactured to the highest of standards and we have acted as one of the main suppliers for established organisations such as the ESB.

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Meter Box - Electrical - Irish Standard - Recessed - M617

This is a standard recessed unit meter box constructed from GRP which has a wooden backboard and is compliant with ESB National Code of Practice and Irish standards. The GRP construct makes these units highly durable, corrosion and weather resistant. Each unit comes complete with a key locking system. These units are constructed to house domestic ESB electricity meters. Cable entry via hockey stick.

Material Specification

Glass Reinforced Polyester Moulding (GRP)


681mm (h) x 487 (w) x 188 (d)


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Meter Box - Electrical - UK Standard - Surface Mounted - EBP0012


Standard surface mounted meter box housing is compliant to ESI Standard 12-3 April 1986 and also British Standard BS 8567: 2012.

These units are constructed from GRP and suitable for all meter types including smart and prepay. The use of GRP material means that these units will not corrode and are highly weather resistant.

Each unit comes complete with an interior timber backboard, lock and key.

Cable entry is via hockey stick (not supplied) and all unit’s hinge on the right.

Material Specifications

Glass Reinforced Polyester Moulding (GRP). Fire retardant to BS 476, Part. 7, 1997, Class2.


596 mm (h) x 410mm (w) x 220mm (d)


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Meter Box - Electrical - 3 Phase - Surface Mounted - EBP0032


This surface mounted 3 phase electrical meter box is compliant with Irish Standards ESI 12-3 April 1986 as well as British Standard BS 8567: 2012. The units are constructed from highly durable and weather resistant GRP and are suitable for all meter types including prepay and smart. Each housing unit shell is paintable for easy incorporation within a development colour scheme.


Units are constructed from Glass Reinforced Polyester Moulding. Fire Retardant to BS 476, Part 7, 1997, Class C.


794mm (h) x 565mm (w) x 190mm (d)

Internal Dimensions

690mm (h) x 465 (w)


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Meter Box - Electrical - Mark 2 - Surface Mounted - EBP0022


This is a surface mounted electric meter box which is constructed from GRP and suitable all meter types including prepay and smart. The GRP material will not weather or corrode and is highly durable. Each unit has two No.2 cut outs complete with plugs for cable access and comes complete with a timber backboard, hinges, lock and key.


Constructed from Glass Reinforced Polyester Moulding (GRP)


503mm (h) x 408mm (w) x 237mm (d)

Internal Dimensions

Depth of unit behind the door – 212mm

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Key Features

Tricel's products Key features


Our electric meter boxes are all weather-resistant, fire retardant and extremely durable

Tricel's products Key features

Easily Cleaned & Painted

Our electric meter boxes can be easily cleaned and painted to suit your taste

Tricel's products Key features

European Certified

Most of our meter boxes are Irish and British Standard Approved

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