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Safety products

Tricel is a leader in composites technology and is a recognised manufacturer of civil and road safety products. Tricel produces and delivers high-quality product for a wide range of activities including road safety. All our products are manufactured from SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound).This technology is well known to be highly resistant, compressive and flexible.

These products are fully certified and used by government agencies and utility companies.

Please find below our range of road safety products.

Road safety products

Trench covers

road safety trench coversThe trench covers is a highly adaptable product. It guarantees a safe passage or access (for pedestrian and light vehicles) when a site is in construction or maintenance.
You can use this product for covering:

  • Breaches.
  • Bores.
  • Trenches.

To have more information about this product consult our dedicated pages:

  1. Trench cover
  2. Surefoot


Road plates

road safety Road platesThis product is designed to maintain the traffic while there is a maintenance (work) on a road. It allows the passage of most of the vehicle (check the weight restrictions).

If you want more information, please visit our dedicated pages:

  1. Road plate
  2. Platesafe
  3. Modular road plate
Kerb Ramps

Road safety kerb rampsThe non-slip surface kerb ramp is a highly effective product.

The only SMC ramp that has a Safe Working Load (SWL) capacity of 500kg at 1,250mm width on the market.

Designed for private and commercial use it allows you to go on the sidewalk with equipment with wheels.

This product is highly efficient even in bad weather.

If you want to discover more information about kerb ramps, please visit our dedicated page:

  1. Kerb master
Fence & Line Pins

Road safety Non-conductive-Pins-headerFence and line pins are used to delimit a particular place. They serve to indicate a zone forbidden of access, by unauthorized persons.

These products are used in particular:

  • On construction sites.
  • Around the roadsides.
  • During festivals, concerts or sporting events.
  • By the farmers to delimit their land.

To have more information about those products please don’t hesitate to visit our dedicated pages:

  1. Non-conductive pins
  2. Insulated line pins


Temporary Rumble Strips


Road safety Roadquake-London-e1494254482269The temporary rumble strips are the perfect tool to protect your workforce and those passing by. In fact, This high-quality calming road system will send an audible and visual message to the drivers, as well as a visual warning about their speed.

If you want to have more information about those products please don’t hesitate to visit our page:

  1. Roadquake rumble strip

If you want more information about those products please don’t hesitate to visit our download section. You can also contact us directly.
If you want to purchase in the UK please visit our UK website.

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