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Custom Moulding

Tricel the custom moulding specialist

First of all, at Tricel we pride ourselves in being industry specialists in the production of a wide range of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) products including custom moulding. Experience gained in over 40 years within the sector have uniquely positioned this company as technical experts within the composite industry. Indeed, with advanced design and manufacturing facilities in both Ireland and the UK, we have vast experience in developing and producing innovative solutions for our clientele. Furthermore, we achieve this using our own tough and versatile Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) which is manufactured in-house.

In addition, SMC is an extremely durable and versatile composite. Therefore it is perfectly designed for the manufacturing of many Industry based products. Its weather-resistant qualities, along with its electrical insulation and thermal attributes, mean that we have worked alongside many leading brands to develop highly successful custom product-solutions. These solutions include SMC:

  • Door skins and auto parts for the automotive industry
  • Train seats for the transit industry,
  • GRP non-slip manhole covers and solar panels for the building sector.
  • Meter boxes for the utility sector, parts for Dell in the computer sector.
  • As well as precision Jet engine components for companies such as Rolls Royce.

Tricel in the custom moulding industry

Tricel produces a vast amount of precision GRP mould products for a large quantity of leading companies. As a result, the company do so to our clienteles own particular specification. Our offerings range in scope from highly precise components like Jet engines to the more widely used, and essential, safety products. Here at Tricel, we have both the expertise and experience to carry out custom moulding projects and SMC to the highest industry standards. It allows us to create specially targeted and cost-effective solutions for our business clients.

To conclude, a vast experience within the industry, and our targeted expertise in GRP moulding, have made Tricel wholly equipped to offer a complete project management service. Within this process, our experts will work in unison with your business throughout the project life-cycle. Indeed, from concept and design all the way through to material development and manufacturing. Here at Tricel, we have the expertise and knowledge to create custom moulds and to employ our very own SMC material. Every project aim is to deliver a finished solution-based product right to our clients’ door. If your business is in need of custom moulded SMC solutions then Tricel is a company that can ensure you receive the process knowledge, innovation, and quality of product that you need.

If you want to have further details about what Tricel can do for your company, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our entire team remains at your disposal.

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