GRP Cold Water Storage Tanks

Excellence moulded from experience

The Market Leader in the supply of Water Storage Tanks in the Irish Market, now offering Pumps & Pumping solutions.

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One piece tanks

Standard range: 45 litres to 6,000 litres, custom moulded/bespoke tanks available.

Sectional tanks

Standard range: 1,000 litres to 4,651,290 litres, custom moulded/bespoke tanks available.
Base Leveling Steels Available Now!

Pumping stations

Full range of pumping solutions, both prepackaged pump sets or designing to specific demands of a project.

Fire misting tanks

Fire Protection Misting tanks – standard capacity ranges from 5m3 to 1300m3.

Fire sprinkler tanks

Fire Protection Sprinkler tanks – standard capacity ranges from 5m3 to 1300m3.

Water tank capacity calculator
Max 6 bedrooms for a domestic property
(Nurses Home / Medical Quarters)
Hospital laundry?
Boarding school?
PE hall
Incorporated into the main school building?
Note: this excludes swimming pools

How much water does your building need?

Our all new water tank capacity calculator will help you estimate how much water your premises or commercial building will need.

Housing types include: Domestic housing, hospitals, hostels, factories, offices, small commercial premises, hotels, guesthouses & schools.

As always, Tricel's experts are here to support you on your journey so please contact us if you wish to to take the next step to a fully customised GRP tank.


Who we are

Tricel is a global provider of high-performance, innovation-based solutions for the Water, Environmental, Construction and Distribution industries.

Our manufacturing capabilities include a range of composite materials which are produced in-house using our experienced engineering team.

The company ethos of “Generations of Innovation” is built around three interlinking themes; Innovation, Quality and Heritage.

Over 60 years of highly successful business operations have imbued us with a very specialised and much sought after technical expertise

Sectional Tank

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Base levelling steels available now!

  • Tank and base supports provided by Tricel
  • Take the hassle out of site levelling
  • Ask our sales team on your next tank order

Why Tricel Water?

60 years in business

A highly successful multinational corporation with over 60 years’ valuable industry experience

Fully Customisable Tanks

Tanks available for all capacities, 43 litres to 4,651,290 litres. Larger tanks available on request

Fast Delivery

On-time delivery is a core requirement of our successful business operations

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