Tricel Rigofill - Stormwater storage system


The Tricel Rigofill is a polypropylene storage/infiltration module, part of the range of stormwater storage. It consists of half elements (full block) to install on site or half element(s) and roof slab (half block) with sidewall grids depending on the position in the storage/infiltration module. And that is accessible in two axes thanks to cross-shaped, continuous inspection tunnel.


The Rigofill ST full block comprises two half elements for on-site installation and boasts a void ratio exceeding 96%. It is part of the Nero Range.

The cross-shaped inspection tunnel within the storage/infiltration unit is specifically engineered for the utilisation of automotive dollies.

This feature facilitates comprehensive inspection of both the effective drainage surface and the entire system volume, including all statically significant bearing-type fixtures. Rigofill ST storage/infiltration systems, when paired with Quadro Control, are specifically engineered for rigorous final acceptance inspections as well as repeated assessments by professionals.

These systems are suitable for installation at moderate depths (up to 4 m) and beneath trafficked areas (HGV 60).

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Rigofill installation - underground drainage system

Advantages of The Tricel Rigofill

Modular Design

Rigofill storage/infiltration systems offer flexible design options with minimal limitations on size (length and width). You can effortlessly tailor square 800 mm block layout to suit almost any layout requirement.

Storage volume

The Rigofill ST full block offers an extrimely high storage volume of 406 litres, accompanied by a gross volume of 422 litres.

Future-proof system

For robust and enduring storage/infiltration systems, the key lies in technically reliable components. We meticulously engineer every component within the Rigofill ST and Rigofill ST-B systems to form a dependable system for stormwater storage, capable of withstanding stress for decades to come.

Easy site handling

With low machining time, you can move up to 34 full blocks effortlessly with a single stroke.


Utilising state-of-the-art technology, CCTV inspection stands out as the optimal method for assessing the state of a system.


Rigofill ST storage/infiltration systems are exceptionally robust and engineered to withstand traffic loads of up to SLW 60/HGV 60.

Nero range Tricel Rigofill Specifications

Tricel Rigofill® ST
Tricel Rigofill® ST-B
Polypropylene PP
Polypropylene PP
Standard length (full / half block)
800 mm
800 mm
The Standard width (full / half block)
800 mm
800 mm
Standard height (full / half block)
663 mm / 355 mm
663 mm / 355 mm
Weight (full / half block)
16 kg / 11 kg
16 kg / 11 kg
Void ratio
Gross volume (full / half block)
422 litres / 224 litres
422 litres / 224 litres
Storage volume (full / half block)
406 litres / 212 litres
406 litres / 212 litres
Maximum cover
Up to 4 metres
Up to 2.5 metres
Maximum invert level (down to : )
6 metres
4 metres
Horizontal and vertical
Horizontal and vertical
Inspection tunnel W x H
160 mm x 590 mm
160 mm x 590 mm
Inspection shaft L x W x H
800 mm x 800 mm x 663 mm
800 mm x 800 mm x 663 mm

How to implement the Tricel Rigofill ?

Rigofill® boasts an impressive storage volume capacity exceeding 96%, far surpassing the capabilities of gravel swales by accommodating up to three times the amount of water.

Highly durable and hard-wearing storage/infiltration module for the construction of gravel-free, underground swales for the infiltration, retention and storage of stormwater runoff in combination with special geotextile lining, QuadroControl ST inspection shafts and more accessories.

Tricel Nero Range Rigofill ST / ST-B

Tricel Rigofill ST

Installation Depth up to 6 m

Complies with EN 17152-1

Tricel Rigofill ST full block

SLW 60/HGV 60 

Tricel Rigofill ST - Weight

Tricel Rigofill St-B

Installation Depth up to 4 m

Complies with EN 17152-1

Tricel Rigofill ST-B

SLW 60/HGV 60 

Tricel Rigofill ST-B - truck

Tricel Rigofill key features ?

Delivering a high void rate of over 96%, Rigofill effectively minimizes the installation footprint.

Achieving an impressive space-saving measure, Rigofill conserves 88% of storage space when compared to non-stackable storage/infiltration units.

Ensures a lifespan of >50 years.
Rigofill offers the convenience of pre-assembly outside the excavation pit and effortless on-site mobility, eliminating the need for heavy machinery.
Ensuring anti-twist connections during assembly, Tricel Rigofill guarantees optimized performance potential for its blocks.
Assembly can be swiftly completed by a single person, thereby conserving resources and minimizing costs.
Can be used in trafficked areas.
Allows for thorough inspection and, if necessary, flushing of every part of the system.
Secures the seamless operation of an inspection camera.

Tricel Nero Range of Products

Tricel Rigofill ST full block

Tricel Rigofill

The Rigofill ST system features universal components for infiltration, retention and storage of stormwater runoff.

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Tricel Nerostor - stormwater attenuation systems

Tricel Nerostor

Tricel Nerostor chambers provide a sustainable underground stormwater management system that optimises groundwater recharge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The QuadroControl ST-B system shaft is adaptable to fit seamlessly into modular block structures measuring 0.80 meters in both length and width. It serves various purposes such as an inspection shaft or ventilation point for the system, especially when equipped with shaft covers featuring ventilation openings. The assembly comprises half elements that can be easily installed on-site, along with a cone for a full block shaft setup or a roof slab for a half block shaft configuration. The sidewall grid is included, depending on the placement within the storage or infiltration module.Inspection shaft

Rigofill ST modules are conveniently delivered stacked on pallets measuring 1.60 meters by 0.80 meters. Each pallet holds 68 half elements, enough for assembling 34 modules. Typically, two pallets are stacked on top of each other when leaving the factory. Additionally, sidewall grids, supporting grids, and roof slabs (only necessary for half blocks) are packaged separately on their own pallets.

EN 17152-1 marks the inception of the inaugural product standard for storage and infiltration modules across Europe. Released in November 2019, it was accompanied by test standards for both short-term compressive strength (EN 17150) and long-term compressive strength (EN 17151).

This significant development enables the assessment and comparison of long-term compressive strength using a standardised European test methodology for the first time.

Over time, this standard is expected to supplant national approvals gradually or serve as the foundational framework for test requirements in obtaining approvals.

Rigofill storage and infiltration systems offer unparalleled flexibility in design, with minimal constraints on length and width. The square 800 mm block layout allows for seamless adaptation to virtually any configuration. With block heights of 660 mm for full blocks and 350 mm for half blocks, systems can be constructed in a myriad of sizes to accommodate single-layer or multiple-layer configurations.

This adaptability makes it easy to tailor the system to meet specific on-site requirements. In areas with high groundwater levels or low permeability soil, shallow-depth systems are preferable.

Conversely, in soils with good permeability, taller and denser systems are advantageous and can be constructed accordingly. The maximum available space is utilized to its fullest extent.

The most effective method for assessing the condition of such systems is through CCTV inspection, leveraging state-of-the-art technology. This approach enables thorough examination for final acceptance or subsequent evaluations, providing assurance and safety for authorities, engineers, construction firms, customers, and operators alike.

Rigofill ST modules feature a cross-shaped tunnel design, allowing for comprehensive camera accessibility and flushability in two axes, thereby enabling inspection and maintenance in four dimensions.

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