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Water Storage

One piece tank sizes


Tricel (Killarney) Manufactures a variety of one piece cold water storage tanks. They are durable, one
piece constructions are easy to install and represent excellent value for money. These come in sizes from
45 to 2275 Litres. One piece tanks can also be supplied Insulated to Format 30, thus meeting Dublin
Corporation requirements for Break Tanks.
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The Following Sizes are EX stock



Length x Width x Height

External Dimensions

Tank Reference

Tank Drawings
4510495 x 37 0x 345 mmKP 10 Standard
114251210 x 540 x 350 mmKP 25 Insulated
114251180 x 505 x 340 mmKP 25 Standard
182401055 x 550 x 490 mmKP 40 Long Insulated
182401041 x 546 x 457 mmKP 40 Long Standard
18240700 x 575 x 575 mmKP 40 Square insulated
18240670 x 530 x 565 mmKP 40 Square Standard
227501216 x 545 x 475 mmKP 50 Insulated
227501216 x 546 x 465 mmKP 50 Standard
318701240 x 585 x 585 mmKP 70 Insulated
318701240 x 585 x 585 mmKP 70 Standard
4541001448 x 737 x 599 mmKP 100 Insulated
4541001425 x 725 x 585 mmKP 100 Standard
6821501725 x 1120 x 535 mmKP 150 Insulated
6821501630 x 1045 x 535 mmKP 150 Standard
9092001725 x 1120 x 690 mmKP 200 Insulated
9092001725 x 1120 x 690 mmKP 200 Standard
909200-21295 x 1040 x 930 mmKP 200-2 Insulated
909200-21295 x 1040 x 875 mmKP 200-2 Standard
11372501725 x 1120 x 845 mmKP 250 Insulated
11372501670 x 1075 x 845 mmKP 250 Standard
13643001690 x 1270 x 855 mmKP 300 Insulated
13643001665 x 1235 x 845 mmKP 300 Standard
18184002520 x 1390 x 615 mmKP 400 Insulated
1818400 2520 x 1290 x 610 mmKP 400 Standard
22735001910 x 1405 x 1140 mmKP 500 Insulated
22735001880 x 1380 x 1125 mmKP 500 Standard
27286001925 x 1925 x 1245 mmKP 600 Insulated
27286001850 x 1850 x 1245 mmKP 600 Standard
36378002715 x 1800 x 1015 mmKP 800 Insulated
36378002665 x 1775 x 965 mmKP 800 Standard
454610002665 x 1715 x 1295 mmKP 1000 Insulated
454610002665 x 1715 x 1295 mmKP 1000 Standard
  • All of the above capacities are nominal.
  • Insulated one piece tanks come complete with insulated covers
  • GRP covers and condensation trays are available for all sizes.
  • When the tanks are installed, space is required above the tank for access.

Condensation trays


  • Tricel (Killarney) manufacture condensation trays to suit all sizes of water storage tanks.
  • Condensation trays should be used in any instance where condensation. Drips from pipework or from the tank could cause nuisance damage or render floors wet and slippery.
  • Condensation trays should be water tested at time of testing


A condensation tray is not suitable for a bund wall or for tanking out a room.

Appropriate overflows must be fitted as close as possible to the base of the tray, these must be fitted before the tank is filled.

It is important that the base of these tanks be fully supported in use.

a. Ensure that the base of the cistern is adequately and uniformly supported over its whole area. b. Support and align the pipes so as not to distort the cistern, and do not over tighten the back nuts. c. Ensure that circular holes for fixing pipes have a clean edge, free from notches, and cut them with a hole saw or drill them with a sharp cutter. d. Position the cistern so that it is not in close proximity to any source of heat. e. The tank should not be left unattended during commissioning. f. Check that internal steel stays are in place. g. Adequate overflows should be fitted to prevent the tank from being pressurised. h. Tanks in exposed places may be susceptible to movement in high winds, especially when empty.
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Tricel manufacture deliver & install cold water storage tanks across a wide range of industry sectors throughout Ireland & the UK. Tricel also provide an import/export services for our international clients. Tricel have been Manufacturing water tanks since 1973, and are made from Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP). This top quality material offers outstanding capabilities including long life, durability and is a cost effective solution for water storage even in the harshest environments. Cold water storage is available for both potable and non-potable applications.

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