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Pole Mounted Box for CCTV


Project type: Installation of Public Space CCTV Solution.   

Location: Ireland 

Product used: Tricel’s IP66 Pole Mounted Box  

Protective enclosures for CCTV Jobs


About Moran CCTV 

Moran CCTV Ltd is a Certified Professional Security Systems based in County Louth.

They are one of Ireland’s leading installers of:

  • CCTV
  • Thermal Imaging Temperature Monitoring
  • Thermal Temperature Screening
  • Thermal Perimeter Detection Systems
  • Cloud CCTV Storage and
  • Bespoke Security Solutions for Commercial and Public Sector Clients.  


Moran CCTV were looking for a cabinet to house the CCTV equipment which would not fit in existing CCTV Poles. 

The three main criteria for this enclosure were: 

  1. A pole mounted option or bracket 
  2. An IP rating high enough to offer sufficient protection 
  3. Weather resistant construction   


Tricel has been manufacturing Street Lighting Pole Mounted Interface Boxes for many years now.

Those boxes are used and approved by ESB networks on unmetered street lighting columns throughout Ireland. 


The main reasons for using those boxes as Pole Mounted Box for CCTV 

  • Made of GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) offering strength and durability. 
  • IP66 rating with non-corrodible hinges and screws ideal for outdoor usage. 
  • Pre-mounted with a Pole Mounting Bracket, they are easy to install. 
Pole Top Street Lighting Meter Box IP65 Rated


Moran CCTV has been using Tricel’s Pole Mounted Meter Boxes for numerous CCTV and Security Installations.

The boxes have been installed and used as public space CCTV in towns and cities around Ireland providing a weather proof and corrosion resistant solution in challenging environments. 

The Tricel Meter Boxes are supplied with a fire-retardant chipboard backboard for equipment installation and with a pole mounting bracket making installations fast and pain free.  



“We have used many IP rated Enclosures for Security Solutions in the 25 years we are in operation and have found the quality and ease of installation of the Tricel Pole Mounted Meter Box second to none”. 

John McAleenan PSP, Moran CCTV General Manager 

Pole Mounted Box for CCTV by Tricel


Pole Mounting Bracket

Pole Mounting Bracket

Pole Top Street Lighting Meter Box

Street lighting

Pole Mounted Meter Box in Factory

In factories

600x400x232 meter boxes with equipment

Equipment inside

The pole-mounted IP66 box can be used in multiple situations. It can protect and house the wiring and power supply of the CCTV camera systems as well as instrumentations, control panels, electrical control systems.  

Made of GRP, it is  

  • Lightweight 
  • Durable 
  • Has a strong electronic insulation 
  • Has corrosion-resistant properties 


Waterproof (IP66 rating), it can be used for both inside and outside applications. The equipment housed inside these enclosures is protected against the harmful ingress of water and solid particles. 

The pole mounted IP66 box can also be supplied pre-wired 

Finally, if you don’t need the pole mounted bracket, the box is also available without, see product page here 

40 Years In Construction

40 Years In Construction

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