Plinths/Pedestals for Electrical Enclosures by Tricel

Two Plinths are currently available to match our range of Electrical Enclosures. They provide a 300mm high mounting base for the enclosures.

Two dimensions are available:

  • 750mm wide x 300mm deep base
  • 500mm wide x 300mm deep base

Key Features of the Plinths/Pedestals

  • Constructed from Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP)
  • Made from non-hygroscopic material ensuring minimum water absorption
  • Constructed from halogen-free and self-extinguishing material
  • Supplied in light grey colour (Ral 7035)
  • UV protected

4 Reasons to use a Plinth

  1. Easy access for Engineers. The Plinth raises the enclosure from the ground so the engineers don’t need to kneel down when accessing the enclosure.
  2. Protects against floodings. The Plinth also raises the enclosure in areas that are likely to be flooded so the enclosures stay protected.
  3. Future proof: it enables easier cable segregation, future re-wiring…
  4. Inspections made easy: future inspections are made easy thanks to the access top plate which is also lockable for security.

Plinth for Industrial Enclosures in situ

Plinth / Pedestal with Electrical Enclosure

Plinth / Pedestal with Electrical Enclosure


How to attach an enclosure to a plinth?

View our video on how to assemble a plinth and an enclosure together.

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