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Road Plates

Tricel road plate has been designed to provide a safe means of maintaining traffic flow during excavation work on roads, where reinstatement of the excavation would be inappropriate at that time.

Our product is designed to allow the passage of most vehicles including HGVs up to the normal weight restrictions. That’s why it’s extremely important that the recommended installation procedures are strictly followed to ensure both safety and correct usage.

The road plate measures 1400mm x 1200mm and weighs 47 kg. It is designed to cover trench excavations of up to 700 mm.

Road Plate Benefits

First of all, our road plates are lightweight and thus, easy to lift and to install by just two people. They are easy to clean and maintain also.

Besides, as they are manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (GRP), they are also capable of safely supporting the load of a 44-tonne vehicle loading over a 700mm trench max.

Because it’s made out of plastics, the products have no scrap value thus eliminating on-site theft problems as well. Since this material is strong, the products also neither warp or desalinate in adverse weather conditions.

Finally, thanks to its smart appearance and high safety levels, our product benefits from improved public relations. Indeed, people can see it from afar as it is in yellow for greater pedestrian safety.

Safety Features

Constructed from GRP, our product is designed as an extremely strong, lightweight and durable road plate.

Moreover, thanks to its anti-slip surface, the road plate doesn’t present any risks of trip or slip hazards, even if it gets really wet. Our road plates won’t move either as they are provided with recessed fixing holes at each corner. Anchor pins are available for use with bitumen and concrete surfaces. They can be purchased separately.

Furthermore, Tricel road plate is also approved by most local authorities like Transco -the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority- and utility companies.

In general, all Tricel safety products are highly cost-effective solutions to site safety and access. They are also fully compliant with UK & European Legislation, especially with the Safety at Street Works and Road Works Code of Practice.


If you are interested in our road plates or other road safety products, feel free to reach out to us to get a free quote or technical information.

Product Brochure

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