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Trench Cover

A trench cover is a highly versatile and safe means of providing passage, designed for covering apertures, bores or trenches during maintenance, construction and repair projects. The safety product allows for secure access over and around site excavations both for pedestrians and light vehicles.

Installation is quick and straightforward utilising either fixing pins (ideal for bitumen surfaces) or butyl adhesive developed explicitly for stone or concrete surfaces.

Approved by most local authorities and utility companies, they are a highly cost-effective solution to site safety and access. Moreover, they are fully compliant with Irish and European Legislation regarding safety at road works and best practices in street works.

Our trench covers are available with a badged logo. As we manufacture the sheet moulding compound (SMC) in-house, smaller order quantities are available if required.

Load rating

Below is a series of trench cover load capacities outlined concerning trench width:

  • 1220 x 800  = 3.5 tonne vehicle load over a 700mm trench
  • 1080 x 1080 = 3.5 tonne vehicle load over a 500mm trench
  • 1600 x 1220 = 3.5 tonne vehicle load over a 900mm trench


Product weight

High-resistant Tricel trench covers are available in different sizes and weights depending on your project’s needs:

Advantages of Tricel trench covers


We manufacture our products from SMC, a glass reinforced plastic material, which is exceptionally durable and resistant. Thus, they can bear heavy loads, like light vehicles. They are of high quality as they won’t warp nor delaminate in adverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, our trench covers offer an anti-slip surface, even when they are wet. Indeed, they exceed the slip resistance required by the Health and Safety Authority. We also raised their central apex to create four upwardly sloping triangular surface panels to allow for water drainage.

They also have a 3mm leading edge, which reduces the risk of trip hazards. Trench covers come provided with recessed fixings and rubber feet to allow safe installation and prevent movement as well (for most of our models).

Our trench cover products are also straightforward to clean and maintain. Some models are also available with reflective markings, making them the safest products available on the market as they become highly visible.

Furthermore, our products have no scrap value thus eliminating on-site theft problems.

Finally, our products follow the national grid specification for footway boards, ramps and road plates.


If you need any more information, feel free to download our brochure or to contact one of our experts to discuss your project’s requirements.

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